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Study Reveals What Really Happens When Gay Mormon Men Marry Straight Women

Study Reveals What Really Happens When Gay Mormon Men Marry Straight Women

The Mormon couples profiled on TLC’s “My Husband Is Not Gay” may find these statistics sobering: Marriages like theirs — same*-sex attracted men and straight women —are two to three times more likely to end in divorce than others.

That finding and others come from a newly released in*-depth survey of 1,612 self-*selected LGBT/same-*sex attracted Mormons and former Mormons, thought by researchers to be the largest study ever conducted with this population.

Rather than tapping a random sample, John Dehlin, a doctoral student at Utah State University, and Bill Bradshaw, a retired Brigham Young University professor, with help from Utah State’s Renee Galliher, solicited responses via various websites, including pro-*Mormon outlets such as North Star International and those more critical such as Dehlin’s own “Mormon Stories” podcast.

The study found that:

* Between 51 percent and 69 percent of mixed*-orientation Mormon marriages end in divorce, well above the roughly 25 percent of Mormon couples who split up.
* More than 70 percent of LGBT/same*-sex attracted Mormons leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
* 80 percent of respondents reported undergoing efforts to change their sexual orientation — 85 percent of which were religious and private efforts, 31 percent were private efforts only, 40 percent therapist-*led and 21 percent group efforts.
* 53 percent rejected their religious identity; 37 percent compartmentalized their sexual and religious identities; 6 percent rejected their LGBT identity; 4 percent integrated the two.

The study relied on participants in 48 states and 22 countries; 75 percent were male, 22 percent female; 91 percent were white; 7 percent were excommunicated from the LDS Church, 25 percent had resigned, 36 percent were inactive, 29 percent were active, and 3 percent had been disfellowshipped.

Forty*-two percent were single, 35 percent were in committed same-sex relationships, and 16 percent were married in a heterosexual relationship.

The process of finding respondents, known as “snowballing,” while not scientific, is a respected way to study certain issues and populations, Dehlin said. “We worked hard to avoid any bias.”

Others familiar with LGBT Mormons confirmed the results in their own research.

Kendall Wilcox, who has collected more than 300 narratives from LGBT Mormons and their families for his documentary film project, “Far Between,” also has noted that mixed* orientation marriages are far more likely to fail than their counterparts.
Look at how religion destroys itself and its holy matrimony by NOT accepting LGBT people in their fold. What BS.
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I've never understood why bigots smugly claim that homosexuality "is a choice one makes."

Do they REALLY want a gay person to "make the choice" to marry their daughter/granddaughter/sister/etc.????
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any man who marries a woman he is not sexually attracted to is a liar, a cheat, and a loser. accepted? he should be kicked to the curb.
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