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I'm seriously seeking the truth,I know it can be waht were be told about the Wars. NO one knows abouts War or talks about,unless they are tune in to world&US involvement ,If you walk up to 100 people and ask their opinion on FARC you get look of Who,What,etc War drugs thats still happening, or War on what where,obviously a fortunate spent, thousands die, corruption rampant, Drugs available everywher, cost down and quality up,,Whate light can shed on messes we pay for with lives & dollars would a start

How is possible Colombian military armed,trained, financed By US with ,access to Intel,electronics,everything not mention out number insurgent by a Hugh number.. Colombian government has repeatably stated FARC in decline, desertions,killing of leader/commanders, fighting force of 9000 made of uneducated peasants,women, teenager,yet the Colombian Government with approval from US currently negotiating peace in Olson Norway with

"ragtag guerrillas" sitting at the peace as if their sovereign state,not mention if the Colombian miltary has all the advantage of war,Colombian on their side & the rebel on run ,why not defeat FARC instead negotiating peace treaty. What happen to US policy "we don't negotiate with terrorist,but our allies do? On the subject of this group FARC being on Terrorism list ,rises another question this FARC have been labeled Peasant army, Marist,Communist< Socialist, Narco guerrillas,and now terrorist. Pretty heady stuff for a a bunch of peasants How can the same group morph into the buzz word of the decade five title in fifty years. OMG 50 yrs fighting same FARC.. How this possible is there another "civil war"that has lasted fifty years along way FARC the Colombian Government insist is on verge of defeat somehow took over the drug trade replacing the Pablo Escabar,figure out how employ Mexico to their dirty worth while their busy fight Government of Colombia

Amazing US indirectly is involved in two Wars The War on Drugs and War against FARC, yet no one care, no conversations, very liitle, whining all over America about US tax dollars,who paying for these two Wars WE ARE! ansd apparently the Colombian govt forecast sound like Baghdad Bob is now mister of information in Colombian ,because both War are a disaster ;one has poor Colombian In the Military killing poor Colombian in the FARC& vice verse. The 2nd War has drugs killing people world wide one or the other..Its unbelievable ,if wasn't happening ,it would be an interesting movie or an episode from the TWILIGHT ZONE

At one Colombian government relinquished part Colombia known as Farclandia to FARC ,imagine the US giving Texas,Oklahoma,Arkansas to Militant group,absurd. The people of Colombia are they just out of it or unaware. ex NRA showing better Bomb building ,of course they arrested and sent home not prison home: Isreali ex Mossad & Cuban secret police trainingg poor peasant on Intel method, dutch women fighting with rebels, CIA releasing info of an American meeting with FARC deep in Amazon OK Come on whats really going on ,Apparently FARC has closer ties& relations with other countries in Central&South America than Colombia has unofficial of course,but strange only the US is involved not Peru who suffer during the war Maoist Shinning Path War.Maoist the one label not obtain to date by the this group I hope someone can give explanation, it almost chic unfathomable,even when President was in Colombia no one express any concern about FARC, just prostitutes ,local bars not FARC

One last point at one point FARC,ELN,AUC,Various Drug Cartels,Pepe a death squad,convivir groups,Frente Camila, plan Lazo special Survey Team black internationalist had their own protection groups all of these groups well armed,finance operation with approval of Colombia&US government,except for ELN &FARC. All with sizeable membership 1000 up-to 33000,added in Colombian Military,local law enforcement all killing someone for somebody's interest 250,000 death are attributed to war involving FARC starting back in Sixies, not mention kidnapping and noe one know exactly how many thousands are held.drug related death world wide are not included Is Possible this FARC is a cash cow for Colombia government, benefits US,justification for giving Colombia tax dollars list 3rd behind only Israel& Egypt,don't mean sound out there convenient

FARC made terrorist list cover two significant areas Drugs and saving Democracy,. Arms manufacturers,equipment ,satellites all war toys benefit via FARC, Colombia is relevant without FARC who would be the enemy No FARC two wars would over and Colombia would be back to third status exporting coffee -Hey it not any crazier than the realities on the ground in Washington,Bogota, somewhere in the Amazon jungle and Olso Norway. Pleas not only do seek your help but could one of wildest topics around

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I'm a military historian and deep into military tactics as well as criminology, we can discuss whatever you wish on these subjects if you're in such a need of it. I could use some good military or criminal philosophy/tactics/history talk anyway.
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