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America just cannot have a Third Party. Just impossible.

Let us say that there is a strong Third American Party after all of these years, and this party has been successful especially in certain sections of the country to where the Third Party has roughly One Third (1/3)of the seats in the Senate and the House. Their political positions are not really that important, except that they are popular in one region of the country. Their positions are different than the Democrats and Republicans and opposed to both. Since there are three parties, there is much more give and take, which might be good or not. But since there are roughly equal, who gets the committee assignments, and who would be the Senate Majority Leader since there is no majority much less a fight on who would be Speaker of the House. No one owns the majority.

In the Presidential election, no one candidate gets near the 270 required to be elected President and the election is thrown to the House. Each candidate gets roughly 170 electoral votes (a three way tie would be 179.3, so someone would have more EC votes than the other two because of the breakage). Who would be elected? How? In 1968, the last election where a Third Party got EC votes in George Wallace, in the Southeast, the winner of the state, whether it have been Wallace or Nixon only got about 30-40% of the vote. Since only about half of eligible voters do vote (and it has been like this for a long time)the winner would only get 15-20% of all eligible voters.

To me the American governmental system just doesn't work for more than two political parties, or a "yea or no" type of system. Three parties of equal strength would break down the system, thus one reason why a third party has never really gotten traction. Many have tried over the history of America but failed. Since the founding of the Republic, there has always been two different parties. Federalist/Democratic/Republican, Whigs/Democrats, and then since 1856, Democrats and Republicans. No one else has been able to muscle in, the Know Nothings, the Dixiecrats, Bull Moose, Progressives, or any other parties who have no chance and never will.

Is this what the Founding Fathers intended? I think that there is room for a Third Party, but it wouldn't work and would be a large wrench in the machinery. But we are also doomed with a two party oligarchy. I think we have so much reverement for the "Founding Father's" we don't recognize their mistakes. This is one of them.

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The founding fathers were a bunch of rich slaveowners.

But no there is no way they could have done any wrong or created a system that needs updating every once inba while.
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