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Originally Posted by Sabcat View Post
Please explain to the class what you mean by that?!?!?!
Never mind. I got it.


North Korea

Yes, you read that right; the same country that previously banned sarcasm, says it’s perfectly legal to smoke, sell and cultivate as much marijuana as one might so desire, and is reasonably capable of. Think about it: You can grow as much weed as you want. Still, in North Korea, your livelihood remains at the mercy of a tyrant with an abominable haircut. North Korea, though, has no law banning the consumption and sale of marijuana, or any such law is largely unenforced.

The North Korean government has even moved the chronic abroad in efforts to obtain foreign currencies. Weed is so easily found in North Korea that, according to High Times, in the area of Rason, North Korea’s economic zone, a kilo of herb can be purchased for around $6. Chinese tourists, when in the DPRK, have been buying bud in bulk to take back home, where the drug is highly illegal.

Writer Darmon Richter documented his experience purchasing and smoking cannabis while visiting North Korea, and out of every country on this list, Richter’s detail of events paint the country as providing the most ideal foreign weed experience. The writer was able to purchase grocery-sized bags of marijuana, cheaply; out of which he then rolled a “comically oversized” joint, and lit up right there in a busy grocery store. Richter blazed down in public, at national monuments, in parks, at various restaurants, and even inside of bars, with no problems. The presumably stoned AF Richter even shared joints with his regime-appointed guide. Sounds tight as hell.

So leave your jeans, piercings, and other Western influences at home, but by all means, when in North Korea, smoke as much weed as you want.

All Of The Places In The World Where Pot Is Legal | KINDLAND

Makes sence to me.

Sieg heil comrade

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Originally Posted by Sabcat View Post
Please explain to the class what you mean by that?!?!?!
It's self evident. Some places are dominated by progressives, and some are run by regressives.
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Of course it's use should be permitted and it should be regulated just as alcohol is. I personally don't indulge but I do use alcohol in moderation and there in lies the rub; many folks just don't seem to have the ability to control their drug use, instead of eating just one slice of cherry pie they consume the whole damn pie. Oh well survival of the fittest will weed the losers out!
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