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Conflict Between Tall Humanoids about Humanity's Fate

Long, but a thought-provoking read, the "spiritual battle" in 21st-century terms.

“Humans don't know what the teams look like in this wager between
the Talls and Controllers. Humans don't know that both sides can appear
as Tall Blonds or that either side can work through body containers of any kind.”

“The Tall Beings thought that primate intelligence was so low and wanted
to evolve it to an intelligent, thinking, creative entity - to take a sub-anything
and evolve it into a productive being - that was a challenge to them.”

“The Tall blond and dark-haired humanoids think humans should
advance spiritually. The Tall Controllers look at mankind as dispensable
and worthless robots. Anything the Controllers can make genetically is so
much less than they are that humans might as well be roaches to be
stepped on. And that's what the fight is about.”

- “Wanna Lawson” abducted by tall Blonds and Dark-Hairs
from Pennsylvania Turnpike, 1983

September 2, 2013 Albuquerque, New Mexico - I met a woman in January 1992, who encountered alien and human bodies in “preservation tubes of light.” She asked to remain anonymous because of her management position in a southern New Jersey municipal government and suggested I call her Wanna Lawson. She was born August 16, 1937. Her mother was German and Afro-American; her father's ancestors were from the Seneca American Indian reservation near Warren, Pennsylvania.

By November 27, 1983, Wanna was 46-years-old, had been married and divorced twice. She was traveling with family from Louisville, Kentucky, to Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the Thanksgiving holiday. Wanna and her 20-year-old daughter, Netta, were together in one car. Wanna's two other children, Charles and Anna, were in a second car driven by Netta's husband, John. Charles was 13-years-old at the time and Anna was 24. The two-car group stopped for gas several miles west of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Wanna told me, “After we filled up and went about a quarter mile down the road, Netta, who was driving, asked me, ‘Mom, what's that in the sky?’ I don't know why, but I told her, ‘I think it's foxfire.’” Foxfire usually refers to glowing light.

Wanna continued, “The next thing I remember were lights, figures; it was almost as if I were hallucinating and around the car were all these men swinging what appeared to be lanterns. It was really weird. And then I looked at my daughter. Netta had both arms and her face resting on the steering wheel. I asked, ‘Netta, are you all right?’ And her hands just slid down and she straightened up and said, ‘Sure Mom, I'm fine.’ But the car was moving at least 65 mph!

“Then we stopped at a New Jersey Turnpike rest area and my son-in-law ran to our car and said, ‘Did something strange just happen to you guys?’ I said,‘Yes, why don't you check your gas gauge, John, because how could we get this far?’ And we discovered that both our gas gauges were still on full.”

The mystery of suddenly being in New Jersey with full gas gauges in both cars bothered Wanna. The rest of her family wanted to forget it, but Wanna and her daughter, Netta, had vague memories of physical examinations by strange humanoids. Eventually Wanna contacted a New Jersey UFO investigator named Richard Butler. He tried hypnosis. One of Lawson's memories was a large room filled with tubes that contained humanoid bodies. In an odd serendipity, I might never have known about Wanna Lawson if there hadn't been a series of unexplained lights near Scranton, Pennsylvania, in January 1992. I was invited along with Richard Butler and others by a high school teacher to view his videotapes of unidentified moving lights recorded that month

During the evening, Butler told me about the Wanna Lawson case and her description of bodies inside tubes. I told him I had a similar description from a California woman. So, Butler arranged for me to meet Wanna at her southern New Jersey home on January 22, 1992, where I did a recorded interview.

At the time of our meeting, Wanna had worked in city government operations for twelve years. She is fun-loving and laughs a lot, even about painful times like her memory of a physical examination by non-humans back in November 1983.

Wanna told me, "The little grey ones with the big eyes - they were there giving me the examination. And I was hollering. I was in pain. So, one of the tall ones cam in and put his hand on my shoulder and calmed me. He stayed there until the examination was over and then he took my hand and led me out of that room."

"Wanna, do you remember anything consciously about how you got from the cars west of Harrisburg into a craft?"

"Just there being a light and we were in the craft."

"Did it pick the car up?"

"Linda, that light picked up both cars."

"What was the color of that beam?"

"Pinkish-reddish with gold in it - or maybe the beam was white with gold in it and we ended up in a room that seemed pinkish."

"So you're inside that room ..."

"We got out of the cars and we were separated into other rooms."

"Was anyone there in that pinkish-red light to greet you?"

"The tall one with the skull cap - about eight feet tall."

"Can you describe the face?"

"It's a normal face basically - with a large nose, hooked." [ Also see Pages 276-278, Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. I: Facts & Eyewitnesses 1994 by Linda Moulton Howe in Earthfiles Shop. ]

"Like an Arabic human nose?"

"Equivalent to, just long and hooked."

"Did you see him from the front?"

"From the front, it had almond-shaped eyes, pointed chin."

"The little greys - are they taking orders from the tall guy or is he taking orders from them?"

"The little guys are taking orders from him."

"Did you hear their communication?"

"None whatsoever."

"Do you feel alert and conscious?"

"No, a dream state. Like you're in kind of a daze."

"Do you turn around and touch Netta or John or Anna or Charles?"

"I couldn't get to them because the aliens were moving us off fast in different directions. And John was yelling and screaming and fussing. He was carrying on. Charles was crying. Anna was still asleep, so the aliens carried her, moving us fast."

"And the ones that moved you physically were the little grey ones?"


"So the little greys could carry a full grown woman (Anna)?"

"More than one of them - it took several to carry Anna. It was not like one carrying her, there were several."

"What happened to you?"

"They take me from that pinkish-red room into another room that's bright white, clean, sterile-looking, like a hospital room almost. They put me on the table and I don't know how I was held down. I went through the exam - and then a being not as strange-looking came in. Tall, American Indian type. His skin was pale grey, no pigmentation whatsoever."

"Since American Indians are brown-skinned, why would you think of him as American Indian?"

"That's what his features were like - high cheek bones, hook nose, strong face, black hair that was longer than normal. His eyes were wide set, solid black eyes when I first saw him. But those were black shields of some kind over the tall alien's eyes. Later on, he took the black lenses off and I could see gold eyes like a cat's underneath."


"Maybe metallic, silver or grey."

"Any patches or insignias?"

"I remember overlapping triangles on his uniform. He told me they meant the merging of two worlds, but I don't know which worlds or why."

"When the 'Indian' came in, how did he touch you?"

"He just put his hand on my shoulder."

"What did you feel then?"

"Calm. Immediate calm. I felt that I knew him and we were very close. Matter of fact, I felt that we were like mates. We walked through the ship. And we ended up in this humongous room with tubes. The walls were lined with these tubes. They appeared to be glass, but they weren't glass. The tubes were about two feet wide and about eight feet high. Cylinder tubes. Round. Wide enough to hold the tall, pale bodies."

"How many of them were there? How big was the room?"

"City blocks long. I couldn't see the end of the room."

"Hundreds of these tubes?"


"Is the surface of the tube clear, transparent - or a color?"

"Silverish, but you could see what's inside it."

"What is it you were seeing on the inside?"

"Female body. With black, wavy hair. Almond-shaped eyes. It's not human."

"What's not human?"

"The grey-white color of the skin and the tall height, about eight feet."

"Does the tube have gas or liquid or gel in it?"

"I don't know. It just appears that the body is standing in the tube with nothing around it."

"Wanna, why is it that you remember this black-haired girl in the tube so clearly?"

"Because he (tall black-haired humanoid) took me directly to that particular tube. And he said, 'This is your body.'"

"Is he talking to you, or is it in your head?"

"It's in my head. I knew he was talking to me, like a male voice in my head, but I didn't hear a voice out loud."

"Was he touching you in any way?"

"He was holding my hand."

"And he leads you up to in front of that tube?"

"Right. We walked past several others. And we stop at this one."

"What happens when he puts you in front of that tube?"

Wanna did remember a violet-colored light appeared. "Now, I change bodies. But how I did it, I don't know. ...The only thing I can remember is that it was my 'other body' — that he missed me and it was personal stuff. It was weird!"

After short, plump, Afro-American Wanna Lawson was transferred by the light and tube technology into an 8-foot-tall, thin, greyish-white-skinned alien body, she found herself in a room of people clothed “like some kind of harp scene in Greece or Rome. ...The thinking capacity in that body versus this human body of mine is totally 100% different. This body, me as a human being talking to you now, I rationalize right, wrong, good, evil. I might not like somebody because of the way they comb their hair. Or I don't like the fact that she's a slob. Some petty thing maybe. Well, in that other tall, non-human body, that's irrelevant. There is no relevance as far as the way a person looks or what color they are. The tall beings are of a high development - a high spiritual evolvement. They have evolved spiritually to be worthy to be with us in body. It's a weird level."

The implication was that humanoid bodies were put on and taken off at will for a specific goal. Other abductees have used the phrase, "I'm coming out of myself. My body is like a robe I can take off and put back on."

"Wanna, when you are describing your consciousness inside of the tall, black-haired female, what consciousness is that? Who is that? What is her and the other Tall Blonds' relationship to us on Earth?"

"It's like they had evolved to a level of accepting us, the humans."

"Who is They?"

"The watchers of man - the creators of man."

"Can you, inside of her, understand what the Talls want to accomplish?"

"The Talls wanted to take a sub-creature and evolve it to the level that they are on and prove it could be done."

"Take animals and give them the hearts of angels?"

"Basically. To prove it could be done. But once you start something, it was like you start to love the creature and protect it and basically that was the feeling."

Genetic Manipulation of Evolving
Primates to Create Homo sapiens.

"Can you talk to me about the Tall female's perception of the God force?"

"One. Everything is one with one. We are one. It's like the love. If you didn't have this love, then you wouldn't love yourself. It's hard to describe."

"Why if they are one with God and God is one with them, what did they want to accomplish with this experiment (with humanity)?"

"To prove that what is not pure and good could be made pure and good."

"Then, Wanna, what did they start with?"

"It was a primitive man. ... the Tall Beings thought that primate intelligence was so low and wanted to evolve it to an intelligent, thinking, creative entity - to take a sub-anything and evolve it into a productive being - that was a challenge to them and so subsequently that is what they tried to do."

"Then is the soul the major challenge? Would the Talls be activating bodies with souls?"

"No. With their genes. Taking from themselves and putting their genes into the fetuses of the human entity If you pick up a pregnant woman, then you would mess with the embryo or fetus as far as injecting the Tall's genes, certain factors of their own DNA. Each time you do that, you get a higher evolution. ... This me, who is a short, African-American female, is only one of many bodies that she (Tall non-human Wanna is now in) has occupied. And this is the last one. I (Tall) won't do it again because I won't have to because it (wager/competition) will be over. The experiment, everything will be over in a short period of time. I (Tall) don't have to do it again. I have done it hundreds of times in different races, in different sexes."

Tall Controller E.T.s Trying to Defeat
Tall Humanoids’ Human Experiment

"You have another group that is trying to defeat our experiment. You have a group that is doing everything it can to prove that our experiment was a fluke - they have tried to undermine from the beginning. They disagreed with us and argued that it could not be done."

"Who is the other group?"

"The Controllers. They are tall like we are, but they think humans are despicable, less than a roach!"

"What's the relationship between you and the Controllers?"

" The Controllers are equal to us, but as far as man is concerned, the Controllers are on a mission to say - 'No holds barred. I'm going to show you just how rotten these humans are.' The Controllers say, 'We're going to take them down as low as we can. And you tell me if your experiment worked.' Look at a Jeffrey Dahmer (sexual deviant murderer) who could kill young men and eat their bodies and commit the type of heinous acts that he did.

"The Controllers do concede that we have a few good humans, but when you look at the millions, they ask how can we say our experiment worked?"

"Wanna, what's in it for the Tall Controllers to prove to your Talls that humans are not redeemable?"

"The Controllers feel superior. They even feel superior to us Talls. They feel superior to any life form anywhere. And the human was such a low life form. Can you imagine an entity that feels superior to us Talls? So, how the Controllers must feel compared to a human being? The Controllers feel that humans are a roach and is there anything too bad to do to a roach?"

"But, Wanna, when anything feels hatred and wants to destroy, it usually means the destroyer is threatened by something. Why would humans threaten the Controllers?"

The Wager Between Talls and Controllers

"I think it's the Controllers' ego. If our (Talls) experiment works, the Controllers don't want to concede that we Talls could be right that lower life forms could evolve. It proves that our bet with them, our wager, would be won by us, the Talls."

"And there really is a bet?"

"Yes. The bottom line is it's a no-holds-barred battle. We're not fighting each other. We're fighting regarding man through man. It's for us Talls that say humanity is worth saving while the Controllers are saying, 'Man is crap. And we're going to show you man is crap. And we're going to win the wager!'

But our Talls felt so much confidence in humans that we said to the Controllers, 'Do what the hell you feel like! We'll still win!' In a way, it is a philosophical argument about how far DNA manipulation of life forms should go. The Tall blond and dark-haired humanoids think humans should advance spiritually. The Tall Controllers look at mankind as dispensable and worthless robots. Anything the Controllers can make genetically is so much less than they are that humans might as well be roaches to be stepped on. And that's what the fight is about."

"What exactly does the no-holds-barred battle gain?"

"The battle is to prove that the experiment was worthwhile, that humanity is worthy to walk among us - that humans are worthy to be included in the One."

"When does the experiment, the wager, end?"

"Humankind will either be among the One or it won't. Those that are with us (Talls) will be; those who are not, will not be. It's that cut and dried. Remember, Biblically everything was written down by man. But some of the events are inspired by the Controllers. And some are inspired by us Talls. There are also Wise Ones who are very old. They conducted the first experiments on this planet as far as the mixing of the genes and the evolving primates."

"Then why would you Talls have gotten involved with a Wise One's genetic experiment?"

"Because we Talls were here on a mission. ... And now it's the end of the bet. There was a time allocated for the wager. It's the end of the time allocated for the whole experiment."

Archangels and Tall Blonds.

"Who are the blond archangels of history such as Michael?"

"Michael is one of our Talls. Remember what I told you? We can look like anything. We can appear as tall or short blonds, or black, or as anything - even appear like the Controllers, who are generally tall and blond."

"Why would you appear as a Controller, your opponents?"

"Humans don't know what the teams look like in this wager between the Talls and Controllers. Humans don't know that both sides can appear as Tall Blonds or that either side can work through body containers of any kind."

"Wanna, if your Tall group is the one that set the experiment in motion - the wage - and you wanted humans to evolve and you want humans to choose God, the One, then deceiving humans does not seem fair."

"You're not being deceived. You are being led by what you believe in."

"But you say the Controllers' agenda is to put their essences into body containers."

"To be destructive to our wager. ... It's a game to them. The thoughts of the Controllers are colder. They don't have the type of love you feel; they don't have the type of hate you hate. Everything for them is more cut and dried. ... Just remember always that you're in a container that is going to die. But you are not going to blackness. There is more!”
Earthfiles.com Environment | Part 3: New Jersey Abductee Describes E.T. Conflict Between Tall Humanoids about Humanity's Fate
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