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Originally Posted by right to left View Post
You seem to have a lot more time on your hands than I do, and you just keep shoveling out the same sources that support the standard mythical narrative you prefer.

Maybe it's time for you and your white supremacist kind to go your own way, but the rest of us are happy to live in mixed racial and ethnic neighborhoods. If you live in a place where you interact with people of all races, religions and ethnicities on a daily basis, you are far less likely to fall prey to the racist messaging that you present! Your only recourse is to accuse others of what you are doing...typical white supremacist tactics!

During the Antebellum period of the South, there were already propagandists hard at work trying to put a smiley face on the slavery industry in America...and those are the kinds of sources you choose to quote from! In that book by Edward Baptiste I mentioned, he presents stacks of information on the increasing profitability of the slavery system (the main reason why costs of purchasing slaves at auctions kept increasing in spite of a couple of economic crashes when the landowners had to go to New York and London banks for more loans to keep their plantations solvent...that in itself may have been a motivating factor for so many rich southerners to push for independence and fund a military solution to their problems. But, not only that, Baptiste maintains that an increase in duels and "honor" killings between mostly slaveholding whites was another sign of cultural degradation that could not be concealed by the wealth and the outward civility.

Were only 25% of slaves...the most expensive commodity in America, let alone the south not employed in cotton during the time that "Cotton Is King?" What period of time does this 25% number come from and does it even matter to begin with? As you keep steering the debate down pointless sidetracks because it's impossible to deny the lasting impact slavery had on American development in culture, economics and politics afterwards.
There is one thing I'll give you credit for. You are the most dedicated racist on this board. So far, the amount of bandwidth that you're willing to expend to promote your racism and argue is almost worthy of envy.

OTOH, you want to go down fifty rabbit holes per posting and, quite frankly, not even I have the inclination to read a litany of phony counter arguments to factual information presented. That doesn't include the fact that you want to talk about way too many subjects per posting.

Under our economic model, America became the most prosperous nation in the world. And while you bitch about slavery, you have yet to acknowledge that America did not invent slavery; that the United States was among the first countries of the world to end slavery; that non-whites practice slavery even today.

Your complaint is not about slavery, sir. It is about the fact that whites participated in it. When it comes to slavery, you are just as hypocritical as any Confederate that walked the face of this earth. You still shop in stores that import goods manufactured by slave labor in order for you to save a few dollars. You will shop in Walmart all day long - and Walmart has been convicted of hiring subcontractors that used undocumented foreigners (aka cheap slave labor.)

And do your protest the existence of "temp agencies" in America? People sit on their ass, making money off your sweat, blood and tears just for finding you the job - when you were capable of going to the employer and filling out an application and applying for that job all on your own.

right to left - You can argue all you want and bring up as many topics as you like. America was founded for the benefit of whites. No, we did not build a country and then give half to the non-whites. But you don't expect to impose that standard on ANY OTHER COUNTRY. NOR can you identify any non-white nation that brought in another race, gave them half the country and became an economic superpower.

The Democrats like to pretend they are on your side. And so, they go after the undocumented foreigners and seek out their vote. REAL REASON? Lots of Dems at the top are the movers and shakers of multinational corporations. Easy votes and low cost labor turns the wheels of America. You participate in it and have 1001 excuses for not holding yourself accountable.
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