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Originally Posted by xMathFanx View Post

I agree with IT and some of what you discussed here in a similar vein. That is, the first thing which needs to be accomplished is getting children centered, grounded, controlled (over themselves), self-empowered, with proper social development, etc.--that is, in a healthy and stable position; mentally & physically. Then, after that, more serious training can begin, which pushes them more in all areas. Kids will naturally begin to develop niches, which is well and good, which they can then explore further on directed study, though will control over their work. Education should be much more of a guidance process, rather than "I tell you, you copy". That 'copy-paste' type education is very demeaning and damaging to the psyche, which is already never getting properly balanced as a prerequisite.
You worded that so perfectly I hope you don't mind if I copy and paste that in my notes and when communicating with others. You hit exactly on why I rebelled against public school education and mentally withdrew. My body was in the classroom, but not my consciousness. Something I regretted later when I went to college and had to scramble to catch up. But I made to the alpha phi whatever award ceremony when I did apply myself to what was happening in the classroom.

I suppose we could blame my home life for my rebellion against public education because in my home we were expected to think and we were respected. In the public school, only a few teachers seemed to care about what I thought, and that made me resentful so I rebelled and daydreamed instead of paying attention.

I want to say my grandmother was a teacher and I think she would have agreed 100% with what you said. Her generation of teachers thought it was their purpose to help children discover their talents and interest and prepare them for life, no matter what they would become a brain surgeon or the janitor. That is very different from IQ testing, and then literacy testing, and specializing the young, preparing them to be products for industry.

The old grade school textbooks warn teachers not to pay too much attention to the children's retention of facts but focus on their understanding of concepts. Understanding why Columbus sailed the ocean blue and the consequences of that, being more important than knowing the date. Also, having a different point of view than the teacher's, was okay, as long as the child understood the concept.

I am struggling with spell check because it treats concepts as nouns and wants me to use articles "a" or "the" and that changes the meaning of what the I intend to say. I think our technological society is changing our consciousness to a less spiritual/abstract consciousness to a more materialistic/concrete consciousness?
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