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Debt Forgiveness a Sham, Class War Continues

Greg Palast talks about the sham of debt relief and how it just another cover for the rich to wage war on the poor:

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Americans suffer the same at the hands of the vultures here. These are ones who buy paper and then rack up large bills to claim larger losses than the original debts. They shuffle many of these through so call BS mediation processses or local kangaroo courts where they are not even required to provide proof of true debt owed. These same people make up paper at will and collect funds from the current goverment programs for crop programs, disastors, Fannie Mae and SBA loans. These are the true anything for a buck dudes that have empty the American treasury.

Unscrupulous collections from the general public and from plubic funds needs to be stopped right here in our own country before we go crusading to call on someone else to clean their house. House cleaning needs to start at home first.

President Bush cannot stop this without help from the Congress, the Senate and the Judiciary. States must get involved and push through and prod the National leaders for the protection of the people from Bottom feeders who are willing to go to extreme measures to deny justice and strip the poorest of our own country, the middle class, trust funds and those who have their retirement funds at risk by the greed of a few. If the people who have good paying jobs today think they are exempt and should not get involved they need to think again. There is no such thing as true financial security when corruption is allowed to exist. When that well runs dry and your retirement funds or it is your employer that goes belly up it's gone.

Since many judges are for sale here as the American public is strip in such manners what hope does anyone have? Our country's leader is president Bush but he is only one of many. Regardless of any future elections the day to day business of operating the country must go on through all of the elected officials. Trying to blame one man for all of the general woa's this country or any other country is facing is plain ridiculous.

To many are more concerned with bashing others beliefs and faith. A more constructive process would be to start working to provide true long term solutions to real problems all will have to face at some point in time. It is much easier to side track peoples thoughts with petty venues than to face the real problems that need to be addressed.
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