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Put some ice on that
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New cold war

Maybe we do need to take this russian spy threat seriously. Maybe we need to wrangle up every russian national in the states and send them home no matter if they have aquired citizenship or not. Like the Japanese in WWII. Just send them back to the loving arms of Lord Putin not to camps. This would be done to secure the Empire from this ominious Russian threat. I have seen that TV show. Russians are everywhere. There was that one mail order bride back in like 2010 who was a spy so they all must be.
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end capitalism now
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I don't know if you lived through the Cold War; but one of the main reasons why complacency started to set in by the late 60's(that's when we started ignoring the annoying air raid siren drills) was because it was becoming obvious that the US and the Soviet Union were ruled by cooler heads than the fear-mongering rhetoric disseminated by clowns like Robert McNamara on propaganda network news and the CIA assets-Time, Newsweek etc., since both sides were in constant communication and careful to prevent their proxy wars (especially Vietnam) form boiling over and escalating into full scale thermo-nuclear war.

That's what's really missing today! It's more than a few warhawk (reds under the beds) assholes trying to gin up more war spending/more sacrifices of rights and freedoms for liberty; nowadays the internet provides access to useful information IF YOU CAN DISCERN AND FIND IT, but we are inundated with a non-stop deluge of propaganda that pervades not only laughable CIA media we despise and hold in contempt, but also throughout the internet when we discover "indy" media like DemocracyNow and a number of left and right bloggers and podcasters that we've thought were on our side, show the card that gets played to justify the foundation funding grants and other big money donations that make us look like fools for contributing to their pledge drives!

Some independent, low or no money broadcaster...even right on the Pacifica Network, have bucked the drive to war that I didn't notice until the Libya Debacle came and went without comment from compromised "independent" media in spite of the disaster(turning one third of Libyans into refugees) left in its wake! Instead, Million dollar a year dogooder-Amy Goodman was on to the next "human rights crisis" - South Sudan, and then Ukraine and then Syria and Yemen, back to Somalia..and the whole fucking thing starts to look like a blur at some point in time!

BUT, if majorities even in Europe can smell the propaganda bullshit, why can't a majority of Americans tell when they're being played? Because ultimately, the Full Spectrum Dominance of the American Empire isn't here to help average CNN or MSNBC viewers. It's to serve the powerful cabal of state&corporate interests that have run out of virgin territory in the "developing" world to cannibalize, and have turned "disaster capitalism" inward; first in southern Europe, and then austerity comes to England's shores and the rest of Europe...Macron is bringing it to France...but America is already being cannibalized from within to keep feeding the military/security state monster they've created!

The regime change ops avoided confronting Russia and China directly, because of the obvious nuclear risks! But, the only difference between a small group who guide Donald Trump's Russia policy and the rest of the Neocon pack running both political parties, is a difference in strategy. Trump's group wants the focus kept on Iran and China...and it's probably dumb to think Putin would be stupid enough to serve up the few friends he has left internationally...especially after how Russia lost by allowing Libya to be regime-changed out of existence. So, if Trump had his way, we might have a short reprieve on WWIII with Russia that Shrillary was already setting the course for on the 2016 campaign trail. But, the way Trump's hand appears to have been forced in eastern Syria towards Russia having two options: (a) abandon Syria...watch Hezbollah and Iran fall soon after or (b) allow Russian anti-aircraft missile batteries to target US jets west of the Euphrates River...declared as 'the line in the sand,' that pretty much looks like the match that's ready to strike! If there are rational, clear-thinking people with decision-makiing power now, we'll find out soon enough; cause I can't think of any time in the 60's thru 80's when it looked obvious and clear that the CIA and Defense Dept. fucks have taken control and are pushing for the ultimate war. As I recall, the only time during the Cold War when there was a crackpot in the Situation Room demanding an attack on Russian forces, was during the Cuban Missile Crisis...when we learned later that Gen. Curtis LeMay was arguing forcefully for Kennedy to order the launch of an attack on missile batteries that were being set in place in Cuba. Others may have somewhat agreed with LeMay, but were more equivocal about the risks, while Kennedy was not afraid to tell the generals...or any other advisors to take a seat! Times seem to be different now! The struggle between the growing and unelected Military-Industrial Complex that worried Eisenhower looks like it's been won by the powermakers behind the scenes who demand more loot to be dropped into their budgets, and more reasons to use and build new weapons. I said before, that I became convinced on foreign policy issues that Barack was an empty suit, and constitutional law degree be damned, he was going to try to give the Deep State everything on their wish list...but on a budget...and they demanded the keys to the candy store! Trump thought that shovelling in more money would keep the
hounds at bay, but now he's being punished for perhaps the only thing he's doing right-AVOIDING THE WAR TO END ALL WARS, because the unelected government of the empire is throwing a tantrum and broadcasting all over mainstream and other co-opted media.

Since I've gone so long on this post, I might as well add something I read on Sic Semper Tyrannis run by- Colonel W. Patrick Lang(retired):
Let me give you some basic facts about Russia and the United States in terms of defense spending and then you will begin to appreciate my glum, angry outlook.

Russia has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.326 Trillion dollars. Their Per Capita GDP is roughly $9,200.00. Russia, who is supposedly keen on conquering the world, only spends $60 Billion dollars on Defense. That works out to $417 per person in Russia to buy tanks, planes and air craft carriers.

The United States, with a GDP of almost $18 Trillion dollars is spending over $600 Billion dollars on Defense. Every man, woman and child in America is contributing $1,884 for U.S. defense. On a per capita basis the United States is spending four times what Russia does.

It also is laughable to portray Russia as "a crumbling civil society." Look at the fundamental economic facts. Although the United States enjoys a higher per capita GDP than Russia (almost six times more than Russia) the United States has a massive imbalance between its income and its expenses. The United States, with a GDP of $18 Trillion dollars, has a debt that is approaching $21 Trillion dollars. Put simply, we are spending more than we are bringing in. As long as the rest of the world lets us run up our credit card then we can continue to live the lives of kings. Russia, with a GDP of $1.3 Trillion dollars, only has a national debt of $157 billion dollars.

What saves the United States from total economic humiliation is the fact that our currency remains the international vehicle for doing business. Countries around the world are still willing to accept U.S. dollars for payment and to buy U.S. Treasury bonds. We are living in the type of Ponzi scheme that sent Bernie Madoff to jail. The only difference is that Madoff stole around $50 billion dollars from his investors. Washington? We're talking trillions of dollars.

Go check out Moscow's international airport and then compare it to New York's LaGuardia, JFK or Washington Reagan. You can also compare Moscow's subway system with the New York or Washington versions. If the term "crumbling" is going to be applied to a country based on its transportation infrastructure the United States, not Russia, deserves that label.

To reiterate a point I raised in a previous post--since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian military operations have been confined to its immediate borders--i.e., the Crimea, the Ukraine and George. Those military operations killed less than 5,000 people. The United States, by contrast, has sent troops and planes to Somalia (1991), Iraq (1991), Iraq (2003) Afghanistan (2001), Pakistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen. We are carrying out ground assaults and drone strikes. Total dead? Between 500,000 and a million.

Beyond the cost of human life, the United States has spent close to $2 trillion dollars on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's money we have borrowed from other countries or our future. And what do we have to show for our lethal profligacy? Has terrorism diminished? Is the world safer? Are countries, especially in the Middle East, enjoying more peace and prosperity. I think an honest, object observer would admit that things have gotten worse over the last 16 years, not better.

But honest objectivity is a rare bird in the United States. An op-ed this past week in the Wall Street Journal by former V.P Dick Cheney and his daughter, who insisted that we need to spend more on defense, typifies the dishonest shilling that infects Washington. They paint a dire picture of a military in decline. According to them, we are on the verge of being overrun because we are so weak:

. . . the situation President Trump inherited is dire. America today faces an array of threats more serious and complex than at any time in the past 75 years.

President Obama and his policies are largely to blame. The 2011 Budget Control Act, which mandated across-the-board cuts, known as sequestration, at a time when threats were growing, has also done serious damage. “No enemy in the field,” Mr. Mattis told lawmakers, “has done more to harm the combat readiness of our military than sequestration.”

What have eight years of Mr. Obama’s policies, and six years of the Budget Control Act, wrought? The military superiority America relied on after the end of the Cold War has been seriously eroded, our capabilities diminished.

This is the American delusion. We insist that Russia is a beast of enormous appetite and intent on world conquest while happily ignoring the hard truth that the United States is invading more countries than any other nation state. We continue to spend more money on defense than China and Russia combined while our infrastructure becomes more frail, middle class jobs disappear overseas and our national debt exceeds our domestic product. We are like a drunk asleep on the sidewalk. In our previous life we were a banker of great repute. Now we lie soiled and asleep. Content to keep drinking the lethal mixture of war and debt. This much I know--this does not end well for us.
There are many hyperlinks in the original post at Sic Semper Tyrannis : Our Grand American Delusion by Publius Tacitus worth checking out.

My apologies for going on so long on your thread, but you served me up a launching pad that I've had bottled up all week.
Thanks from Sabcat
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Old June 24th, 2017, 10:48 AM   #3
Put some ice on that
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Thanks for the insightful post RtL. I agree w/ the majority of it and learned a bit if only more people could step back and look at the entire thing objectively i think that more people.would realize the bigger picture.

The sad thing is many people do not want to know and are content in their ignorance. As long as their prius starts in the morning and walmart has double ply TP and the next season of friends on DVD they are happy w/ their super sized corn burgers stuffed w/ Prozac. Buy sell consume. It is what the schools have been teaching since the 50s not objective thinking and reasoning.
Thanks from right to left
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