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Plea Bargains/Death Penalty/Mechanics of Death Penalty.

The case of Michael Lambrix.

Mr. Lambrix was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in the state of Florida. I just happened to read about him, because it interests me when people are sentenced to death, in the death house, their last meal and all that. I find it fascinating.

Two things stand out.

1.) He was convicted 34 years ago. 1983. Reagan was in his first term. I am now 50 years old and he was convicted when I was in the tenth grade in high school. The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan was in around the eighth grade. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were in their thirties. I take it in the thirty years that followed, he made many, many appeals, costing who knows how much money. There have been other death penalty appeals which have lasted thirty plus years. Georgia executed a man not too many years ago after being on the Row over three decades.

2.) Lambrix was offered a 24 year sentence for second degree murder. He declined, wanting to go to trial. Of course, dude lost, and the jury dropped the house on his ass, giving him the Death Penalty. If Lambrix would have taken the plea bargain, he would be out, off parole, free and clear to live his life. I am sure he has spent those last three decades pacing in a box wishing he would have taken the deal.

Personally, I have a problem with this. The state should have enough evidence and whatnot to be able to convict someone and sentence them to death. The state felt in this case that doing a plea bargain would be the best course of action because they worried about getting their conviction and wanting to cut their losses, or they wouldn't do it.

I do not think of the state offers someone like this a sentence other than death, that they can turn around and sentence someone to death because the defendant wanted his day in court. I have a problem with that. Lambrix should get life with or without parole. I mean, the state was willing to cut the guy loose within a reasonable lifetime.

As a secondary question, why isn't the death penalty being more applied? I am from Tennessee which has not executed anyone since 2009, but there are a backlog of people on The Row from at least the 1980's (want to say even the 1970's). Tennessee is a very conservative state. If it were up to them, people would be executed once a week at least. Obviously this is not the case. My other home state, Mississippi. A state so conservative they still have a rebel flag on their state flag hasn't executed anyone in over a decade.

Which makes me wonder, how many times a death row inmate can appeal, appeal, appeal and appeal some more. There has to be an endgame some time. There is a documentary from the UK who went to Indiana (African/British commentator, too lazy to look) and interviewed a man on death row who mirdered a woman and child in basically a home invasion, and the inmate said there is a fifteen step process, and he is on step seven, and he has been there probably ten years.

As a governor of a state, I would have terrible problems with my judiciary offering plea bargains to people like Lambrix to where they could be free from the state after a time, but went to court and sentenced to death. I do support the death penalty for the worst of the worst. Lambrix qualifies possibly, but there is the problem.

This is Lambrix's story.....

Death Row inmate shares final words, awaits last turkey dinner | Miami Herald
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Mechanics of the Death penalty

If you are African American you are more likely to be sentenced to death.

If you are an African American you are more likely to have the sentence commuted

If you ware white you are more likely to be executed and almost NEVER have the sentence commuted.
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Old October 5th, 2017, 06:44 AM   #3
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When DNA testing became available 1 out of seven people awaiting execution was freed.
There is no reason to believe that the number of innocent people executed was less than that, probably higher.
Look at a list of the places that have the death penalty.
Pretty bad company.
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The simple truth is, the average "death penalty" case costs between $1 Million and $2 million dollars and as the article shows can take up to 30 years. It's far less expensive to keep a prisoner for life. Doing so also eliminates the possibility of an innocent person being put to death. It is naive at best to think we haven't executed innocent people.

There is a very good movie about just how easy it would be to execute an innocent person. The Life of David Gale.
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Not a death penalty case so far, but maybe might so. I read this in www.dailymail.com.uk. Probably easy enough to find. The girl's name is Ellen.

A 19 year old man and his 15 year old girlfriend have been charged with the mirder of the 15 year old girl's father, so that the 19 year old and the 15 year old can be together. There is also a 22 year old male who was a part of it, but not part of my argument.

The 15 year old is being charged as an adult. Ok. But the 19 year old who is also charged with murder also faces a third degree rape charge, for having consensual sex with the 15 year old. So the 15 year old is charged as an adult, but the 19 year old is also charged with having sex with a minor, who is not seen as a minor by the courts for the murder charge. So the girl is old enough to be charged as an adult, but as a minor for the sex charge. Also the 19 year old is a "legal adult" but cannot legally possess or have alcoholic beverages.

The idiocy burns. It really does. The State can sidestep legally everything, and do this.
Again, the idiocy burns like the sun in a supernova.
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