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Charlie Dent is my Congressman......And he knows he will get primaried... Olympic Cyclist Marty Nothstein ..Is a good candidate to get the Republican nomination....I like the guy, much better than Charlie....

btw....Look for congressman Lou Barletta to take on Bill Casey......You Go LOU!!
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Originally Posted by mayeve View Post
Anyone who has been in Congress longer then 2 terms should retire no matter what party they're aligned with.

(Of the 16 GOP lawmakers listed, I believe only 4 have stated that they're leaving because of Trump. Just sayin'. 4 out of 16 isn't that much of a "notable number" imo)
And then we might have inexperienced people or those from the party we oppose holding that office. We have term limits... it's limited to whether or not the people want that elected official back in office.
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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
I am constantly amazed at your political blind spots. Corker and Flake are definitely leaving because (at least partially) of Trump. In October--just two months ago--both Senators questioned Trump's fitness for office--and they weren't talking about his old age or health. They have made it clear that Trump's brand of politics is disgusting. Flake calls it "his (Trump's) coarse tenor of politics". Flake is a fiscal conservative--the old guard who treasures his brand of conservativism AND that of John McCain, who obviously detests everything Trump stands for. In fact, MANY elected Republicans have expressed discomfort, or even disgust, with Trumpís style.
Gone are the days when our lawmakers referred to each other in a respectful, gentlemanly way. Flake is a Mormon who is well-respected in my state. He sees Trump as irresponsible and unreasonable--as does Corker. Flake has said, "The path I would have to take is a path I cannot in good conscience take."

Thank God there are still SOME men--some lawmakers who stand firm on their convictions. They are a rare breed.
Iím sorry but standing firm in your convictions is staying and fighting for what you believe is right not cut and running, that is cowardly.
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