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Old June 23rd, 2018, 10:09 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
Beauty pageants are antiquated institutions and should have been disposed of long ago.
As long as there are males who want to admire beautiful women, there will be something that fills the bill. These "beauty pageants" ARE indeed antiquated, and outmoded.

And men, or at least some of them, have evolved to some extent.
But men still find women attractive and men are still visually turned on first, then later they develop an attraction to who a woman is, and that's just evolutionary wiring.

Miss America and Miss Universe should go the way of the dinosaur because the men who flocked to the TV sets are mostly gone or in nursing homes. Would you believe that the dominant beauty pageant viewer demographic today are WOMEN?

But let's digress for a moment...when is the last time any of you attended one of those comic-cons? (comic book conventions)
No question about it, many fan-cons, particularly the comic-cons, could qualify as "beauty pageants" even though the contests and costumes are decidedly offbeat in comparison to the mom and apple pie Miss America and Miss Universe shows.

My prediction is, the comic-con and gamer community will eventually take the initiative in coming up with something to replace the twin pteradactyl style fossils we see today.
The Bert Parks style emcee will most likely be replaced by a male-female duo of cute but geeky nerd style hosts, and the so called "pageants" and the contestants will be more evolved, more empowered, more edgy and more in tune with equality.

And as for "swimsuits"...eh, no one actually "goes swimming" but I can guarantee you that whatever replaces today's Geritol laced displays of pulchritude will come up with an excuse to celebrate abbreviated attire somehow.

The trick is to make beauty contests include more beauty on all levels and to bring back the fun without subjecting contestants to humiliation.
I am confident that whoever takes the torch will find a way, because the next generation won't bother tuning in unless they can.
But the eye candy isn't going to go away because:HORMONES.
And because women enjoy being physically attractive.
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Old June 23rd, 2018, 10:19 AM   #12
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[QUOTE=Clara007;1177076]What is up with you, Kate? You have no problem with men calling women "bow-wows" and "Mutts"? Touchy-feely dogs?

Have you MISSED the decades of young women starving themselves? Literally dying to be thin and beautiful? Basing their self-worth on their bodies--their beauty (or lack of it)?
their body their choice

Beauty pageants are antiquated institutions and should have been disposed of long ago. The very fact that they had mostly male judges scrutinize women’s bodies, women of color at one point not allowed to compete, corporations profiting on the event should have been clue numero uno. The only reason to support them were the scholarships.
How was someone forced to enter a beauty pageant?
Why do you suppose we have the #metoo movement? The attitude that the women are boy toys--just for the taking?
I think from your standpoint, its so you can tell other women how they are supposed to act or what they can or can not do.
Why bother with swimsuits at all? Why not just parade women naked down the catwalk? If you really want a closer look at bodies?
Why are you implying that women are paraded as if they had no choice? Are you saying women are to be treated like children and can not make their own choice? Are you saying they were forced to do this against their will? My body my choice..hmmm

Seriously, what is wrong with you?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
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Old June 24th, 2018, 09:37 PM   #13
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One more thing, the so called "standards of beauty" in Miss America, Miss World and Miss Universe are incredibly bland.
The contestants are picked by panels of judges who seem to want so much uniformity and homogeneity that the women all look like they came assembled from some factory.

All of them are pretty close to five feet six to five feet eight, all of them have 34 B/C breasts, all of them have one of three hair colors, blonde, brunette or redhead, all of them have similar hair styles, all of them have similar body proportions, all of them have nearly identical facial features, all of them walk, talk and act almost the same and all of them have nearly identical personalities.

It might surprise some that the so called "standards of beauty" endorsed by these pageants are incredibly narrow and outdated, and utterly unrealistic.
I see women on the street who could never be accepted at these beauty pageants but they nevertheless are so astounding that many men cannot take their eyes off them. Even if they are too tall, too short, too curvy, or have an unusual set of characteristics, there seems to be something about them that attracts attention. They might be plus size or very slender, but there's something about them.

These pageants dismiss all but a very narrow ideal, and it has become boring and tedious. These shows deserve to die off.
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