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Capitalism = Sleaze

I put this thread here because there is no way to separate American politics and the capitalist system. This economic structure is based on slavery. The slavery we employ just goes by a different name. One of the reasons why is that to the wealthy, most people are just pesants. To that end, I was watching some documentary once where they were talking about what I think was Wal-Mart. They apparently used to take out insurance policies on their employees. They called them "Dead Peasant" policies. Though they apparently no longer take out these insurance policies on employees, I have no doubt that they still view them as pesants.

Another form of slavery is sending so many of our jobs to wage slave countries like China. Here is an added incentive to doing so. In the South they used to have negro slaves. And to get the work out of them that the plantation owners wanted, they had to provide for the well being of their slaves. But when the jobs are overseas, that isn't the concern of the U.S. They can even employ children. And often do. And as for the negro slaves in the old South, many if not most were better off as slaves.

This is one area where capitalism has really dropped the ball. The populace of any country needs employment! Gainful employment. And the kind of employment that actually produces something useful. Not simply providing some service to each other.

I have to wonder if anybody who has anything to do with the economy has ever taken a history class. Because from even prerecorded history, the need for the populace to work has been shown. Probably because of something like the old saying, "Idol hands are the devils playthings."

The need for such employment was without doubt the real reason for things like the Pyrmids, The great wall of China, Stone Henge, the dirt mounds built in the Americas, etc. etc. etc. etc. The main problem with all that is that just about none of them did anything to improve the lives of the people themselves. For example, imagine what houses would have been like for people in ancient Egypt or China if all that effort was put into building comfortable housing for the populace.

So for all the economists or capitalism cult followers out there, it's well past time to wake the flark up! Do whatever it takes to have Americans make the things that Americans use. Not just flip each other's burgers. And do something to actually improve the living conditions of Americans. Despite as abhorrent as that may be to slum lords.
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capitalism, sleaze

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