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The Halfwit & The Wannabe Team Up

Upchuck Schumer and Steny Hoyer are locked into the Russia-Trump collusion story despite the reasons they are laying down for their objections. Both are hoping their B.S. on the Helsinki Summit will put some life in the dead Blue Wave. Upchuck is a halfwit, while Hoyer would sell his soul to the Devil to become speaker of the house. Try to imagine Hoyer and the Halfwit calling the shots in the House and the Senate:

"For Trump to 'reward' Putin with a one-on-one meeting while Russia actively continues to interfere with our elections and undermine the integrity of the transatlantic alliance, proves his priorities are out of whack," Senate Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer said.

The American people have to wonder: why is our president so committed to building a relationship with someone so dedicated to undermining our democracy and doing harm to our friends and allies? he asked.
NOTE: Upchuck’s “our democracy” means harming Democrats, Socialists/Communists, parasites, and the U.N. crowd.

If anything should happen at this meeting, President Trump must inform Putin of his intent to aggressively implement the tough sanctions that Congress passed last year, on a nearly unanimous basis, and tell Putin we will no longer stand by while he works to destabilise and harm us and our NATO allies,? Schumer said.

That President Trump is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki next month makes a mockery of history, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer said.
Democrats slam Trump for Putin summit
Published: 29th June 2018 12:25 AM | Last Updated: 29th June 2018 12:25 AM

Democrats slam Trump for Putin summit- The New Indian Express
Obama colluding with Putin in 2012 shot down the Russia Collusion story. If Trump builds a border wall as strong as the one media built to protect the Chicago sewer rat not one illegal alien will ever again set foot in this country.

Very few Americans in the 2016 campaign believed that Putin preferred Trump over Hillary Clinton. Today, you would be hard pressed finding anyone who sincerely believes that Putin was rigging for Trump’s election.

NOTE: If Special Persecutor Mueller is looking for collusion he should start here:

Finally, the ol’ Butcher of Afghanistan came out the woodwork to offer sage advice:

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev says the next month’s U.S.-Russian summit could become a historic event.

Gorbachev was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying Thursday that if Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump make steps toward cooperation, their meeting will go down in history as a major landmark.
The Latest: Gorbachev has high hopes for Putin-Trump summit
by Associated Press
6-8 minutes

I would not trust anything Gorby says as far as I can throw Siberia; so I suspect he is getting rope-a-dope strategy from Hillary Clinton and Nutso Pelosi:

Gorbachev recalls Clinton as novice
By - The Washington Times
Wednesday, March 13, 2002

In 2006 the old Commie dictator praised then-Senator Clinton when he revealed that he occasionally conferred with her by telephone. He said:
"She is a great woman, and she has some legitimate ambitions."
Incidentally, Nutso Nancy was years ahead of Hillary. Pelosi and Gorbachev have been as thick as thieves for close to 30 years:
In a speech entitled “From Swords to Plowshares, delivered in the House of Representatives on June 4, 1992, Pelosi cheered the arrival of Gorbachev to the Presidio as a tenant.

“The National Park Service is actively seeking ideas for programs and tenants at this spectacular site. Last month, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev visited the Presidio to propose that the Gorbachev Foundation/use be located at the Presidio when the army leaves. In his words, “it is wonderful and symbolic that a military base is being converted for use by the people’.

“As the cold war ends,” Pelosi continued, “it is, indeed, fitting that this army garrison—one of the oldest in the United States—will be transformed to a monument to peace, environmental preservation and recreation as a global park.”
Pelosi whinnies from the pastures
Judi McLeod
Saturday, June 23, 2012

As far as I know, Gorby and Green Peace are still in the Presidio thanks to Pelosi.
Pages And Pages Of Whitewash
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Originally Posted by Flanders111 View Post
NOTE: If Special Persecutor Mueller is looking for collusion he should start here:

Conway then compared Trump’s tactics with the tactics of his predecessor.

“You had President Obama whispering in a hot mic that he would have more flexibility after the next election,” Conway said.”You have this president as transparent as can be on going over there. That’s a much better way to be president.”

President Obama infamously told then president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev that he will have more “flexibility” after his election.
Reporter Asks Kellyanne About Trump Meeting Putin –— Conway Brings Up Obama’s Hot Mic
8:51 PM 06/29/2018
Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large

Reporter Asks Kellyanne About Trump Meeting Putin ?? Conway Brings Up Obama?s Hot Mic | The Daily Caller
It is a good thing Trump is not meeting Putin in Russia. Watch what happened to Obama:

Not one talking head told the American people that Obama asked Putin “Where’s the men’s room?” Nor did the media tell us that Putin gave him the wrong directions. How do I know that? Because agent 006 & 7/8ths told me that after Obama went through the door Putin said “That idiot is going to shit his pants before he finds the men’s room.”
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