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Originally Posted by right to left View Post
True, but the most despicable thing centrist professional and upper middle class liberals do is to disparage those poor....and falling rural and small town white voters that liberal Democrats offer NOTHING for! All they did was blame the "deplorables" for not voting for a bland corporate centrist candidate for president who had no overall vision of economic relief to address inequality...just the usual Democratic targeting of specific voting blocks...i.e. 'we'll throw this bone to the blacks, this one to latinos, have a few gays and trans people on stage with Hill, and women...we'll talk about how Republicans are taking away reproductive choice...yeah they're doing that, but was Hillary's dogs breakfast of a campaign enough to energize large masses of people to get out and vote? Not enough certainly!

It's been many decades since America had real working class-based movements. And, speaking of the Great Depression, a lot of festering animosity set in real fast right from the beginning, because much to Eleanor's objections, FDR made a deal with his Southern boll weavel democrats that they could apply their usual Jim Crow tactics to keep blacks from getting a share of the NRA and other actual infrastructure programs that kept the US economy going and a lot of people employed during a hard decade. But, since then, the "left" has become subdivided into specific niche interest groups that may work for their own group's specific interests,but no longer have any concept of broad based solidarity....that seems to have died out after that first great FBI chief- J. Edgar Hoover assassinated a whole lot of people and ended the age when activist leaders could see beyond their own four walls.

So, today, a real left has to do more than bitching about deplorables being part of the largest voter demographic - the 38% who didn't vote, or because Trump was at least making rhetorical arguments that he would bring back jobs and rebuild infrastructure....where was Hillary's infrastructure or jobs plans?

Never mind Australia, what about Canada? We consistently have three to five political parties with seats in the federal parliament...though, only the top three have the size and organization to have a chance of forming a government. -But, because our parliamentary system is also First Past The Post, when a third party rises to 2nd (like our supposedly left NDP has done several times) they start triangulating their way to the center to try to knock off the centrist party. Fortunately over the years, most Canadians resist getting stuck with just two parties to choose from and will create new ones if there's a void left.

I like the concept of what I believe is called Ranked Choice Voting; I wish we had it, and Jill Stein mentioned it frequently when she had a chance to speak on the subject....but again, where was Bernie or other maverick members of either duopoly party on this?

Oh, you got something against these omnibus bills,that politicians use to smuggle in everything they're trying to hide from the public! If you had a real media 4th estate left, maybe people would be after their local reps when the government sneaks through parts of their pro-corporate/anti-people agendas!

In Canada, our state of the art election system is clicking a box on the front of your tax form to keep registered if you're living in the same location. When you go to the local voting station...there's plenty close by...even in poorer neighborhoods, you get a paper ballot and use the pencil at the booth to enter your choice or write in another candidate....no voting machines necessary...the most corrupt piece of crap ever devised!
I read your post and want to start punching a punching bag. Where to begin? the special interest groups and superficial understanding of politics, or J. Edgar Hoover assassinations and the blacks who are still in prison, the omnibus bills

Thomas Jefferson thought a degree of rebellion was a good thing. Being passive while those in power make all the decisions is not a good thing. I consider the omnibus bills to be such an obvious violation of morality that I am shocked that nothing is done about it. And who investigates when it is the CIA or FBI doing questionable things?

I think in the beginning the masses were too naive to design their own government, and back then we didn't have a CIA or FBI to concern ourselves with. We did not have such large multinational cooperations that they are like empires operating outside of public control. It might be time to rethink everything? Cooperate power is a serious problem for our democracy and the world.

Since the mid-1970s, when the corporations fused with the state, a new imperial order emerged that killed what remained of representative democracy. Not only would corporations exercise public authority as only government once had, but government would coordinate and serve corporate activity.
Okay, so where do we begin? Ranked Choice Voting might be a good place to start change. Ending omnibus bills for sure, and with that I want an easy to use internet site where we can read the bills and cast our votes. I am okay with the popular vote not having legal power because there are idiots out there, but a record of the popular vote could be useful.

This looks like a good connection for those living in the US


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