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John May 11th, 2008 05:15 PM

Can we save America?
Alright, I feel the need to tell this to everyone. Everyone seems to be caught up with the upcoming election. I think we need to eradicate the democrat and republican runners and bring in an independent to staighten out the mess America has left. All I hear in America is the fight between Clinton and Obama. I'm tired of it and I'm sure some of here are too. How about we terminate now and focus on the tasks in America that need tending to? This <insert profanity here> needs to stop. We need to stop talking about how oil has skyrocketed, or that Clinton and Obama are making negitive campaign commercials, and how Bush is on drugs. How about we foget it all and look toward things that will HELP our country. America is looked down upon now, and it's our fault. We need to be talking about a Kansas Farmer is developing a new and cheaper fuel source, and how some well-to-do guy/gal opened a school for underpriviledged children. We need to bring in a new Robert Kennedy whose not persuaded by the "ass" and "circus animal". We can fix America, we can, we just need to focus on more important issues, not an election between the first black or female candidate. Let's focus on the cure for AIDS or something IMPORTANT like that.

Can we raise our flag high with honour knowing we've done good? Can we resurect the glory we once had? Or are we so far in the whole it's impossible to get out? It's up to you, and time's running out.

-Before some of you yell at me for mispelling words or saying I'm just some dumb kid who has no idea what he's talking about, just to let you know, I live here too and I know everything that goes on just like you and I know that America is off in the wrong direction. You all know it and you all know it needs to change.


NoMoreDems-Reps May 13th, 2008 08:47 AM

You're absolutely right John!!

Americans need to remember that this country is called the United States of "AMERICA"

NOT the United States of "DNC" or the United States of "GOP" !

The two party system has done a brilliant job of getting most Americans to fight and

bicker amongst themselves while politicians rob us blind !!!!!

And as a result America has been in a steady state of decay!!

As for solutions I think the two most helpful thing would be to:

1) Bring back the constitution (As Ron Paul has been pointing out)

2) End corruption and corporate control of politicians/policies (As Ralph Nader points out.)

The next thing America needs to do is become self-sufficient! Meaning we should take all

the Billions of dollars we give freely to the oil companies and use it to grow evolve and

invent new green energy sources.


Use the money to give to US colleges for R&D, give grants to electric and hydrogen car

makers (Wrightspeed Inc.).

And be fore people go off and say it a waste, remember if we started Clean energy R&D

(on a large scale) back in oh say Sept 9 2001, by now we could afford to not by oil form

Iran or Venezuela. Meaning we would not be financially supporting those crazy regimes!

America can become finical successful if we were to invent and develop a good clean

energy alternative to fossil fuels.

Well in short there are many good ideas out there to help America get out of it's current

rut, but as long as we keep the REP-DEM Monopoly in power those ideas won't be used and

Americans will suffer!

I say everyone after your states primary, re-register as a new party

(Constitutional party, United we stand party, etc...). If nothing else it will send a message

to the politicians that Americans will stand against the destruction of America.....

(Also you can always register back to you lesser of two evils' party if you want.)

And if everyone votes(for Prez) late at your states election you can see if your state has

a clear winner. If your state does have a unequivocal winner and you have no need to

support your lesser of two evil candidate you can vote for a third party candidate !

(Stay with me on this one)

Remember the popular vote does not choose the pres., but it can give financial support

to other candidates (if they get enough popular support). So if know you know your party

can not win or your party can not loose(that's why you will need to vote late) you can

vote for a candidate that had good ideas that the REPS&DEMS do not use/discuss.

i.e. Nader makes a lot of great point about corporate corruption and has many solutions

but the REPS&DEMS just sweep it under the carpet! Or Ron Paul has pointed out how the

REPS&DEMS do not use the Constitution as they should !

Bob Barr might make some wave to this election...

So if a lot of "AMERICANS" vote for these candidates(Even if you have to write them in)

the ruling powers will take note that Americans are abandoning their "Blind Allegence" to

the REP-DEM Monopoly.

John May 13th, 2008 01:08 PM

I also hear oil problems a lot. Kansas and most of Missouri has enough untapped oil to feul all of America for about 80-90 years. I wouldn't approve of tapping all of the oil, but enough to lower the price in America.

fxashun May 13th, 2008 04:46 PM

I think we should save all of our oil for ourselves. When oil starts getting scarce, the last ones with the oil are gonna be the winners. If we have that much oil, the best thing the U.S. can do is use everyone elses' oil up, so that we can fuel our war machine when people are attacking us for oil driven purposes.

Anti-choice57 May 13th, 2008 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by fxashun
I think we should save all of our oil for ourselves. When oil starts getting scarce, the last ones with the oil are gonna be the winners. If we have that much oil, the best thing the U.S. can do is use everyone elses' oil up, so that we can fuel our war machine when people are attacking us for oil driven purposes.

Good theory

or we could invest in renewable energy such as wind and solar instead of starving the world's population by using food as fuel or killing thousands of people by invading countries for oil.

John May 15th, 2008 12:47 PM

About 6% of the world oil is in Kansas. If push comes to shove we should look into oil from Kansas. But I'm more in favor of earth friendly sources. We're melting the Ice Caps at an alarming rate, and have put the Polar Bears in extreme danger. We're destroying the world, we can stop it. We have the technology and the brain power all we have to do is use it.

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