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The Koran Hell or the Bible Hell ?

Here are some things the Koran, Qur'an says. If one looks up all locations in the Bible where there is a word translated to read “hell” one will find it is not like the Koran “hell” possibly, in my opinion, because the writer(s) of the Koran did not take into account that the parable found at Luke 16 was not a word for word actual account but indeed just another parable in the string of parables from Luke 15 through Luke 17.

"The Koran", Ivy Books
The Cow, Sura II(2) :80+
Moreover, to Moses gave We
"the Book," and We raised up
apostles after him; and to Jesus,
son of Mary, gave We clear
proofs*of his mission,*and
strengthened him by the Holy
Spirit. So oft then as an apostle
cometh to you with that which
your souls desire not, swell ye
with pride, and treat some as
impostors, and slay others?

The Table, Sura V(5) :45-55
50 And in the footsteps of the
prophets caused We Jesus, the
son of Mary, to follow, confirming
the Law which was before him:
and We gave him the Evangel
with its guidance and light,
confirmatory of the preceding
Law; a guidance and warning
to those who fear God;-
And that the people of the
Evangel may judge according to
what God hath sent down
therein. And whoso will not
judge by what God hath sent
down-such are the perverse.
And to thee We have sent down
the Book*of the Koran*with truth,
confirmatory of previous
Scriptures, and their safeguard.

The Believer, Sura XL(40) : 70+
When the collars shall be on
their necks and the chains to
drag them into Hell: then in the
fire shall they be burned.
Then shall it be said to them,
"Where are they whom ye made
the objects of joint worship with
God? They shall say, "They have
vanished away from us. Yea, it
was nought on which we called
heretofore." Thus God leadeth
the unbelievers astray.
-"This for you, because of your
unrighteous insolence and
immoderate joys on earth.
Enter ye the portals of Hell to
abide therein forever.

The Cave, Sura XXIII(18) :25+
And say: "The truth is from your
Lord: let him then who will,
believe; and let him who will, be
an infidel." But for the offenders
We have got ready the fire whose
smoke shall enwrap them: and if
they implore help, helped shall
they be with water like molten
brass which shall scald their

The Pilgrimage, Sura XXII(22) :19+
20 These,*the faithful and the
infidels,*are the two disputants
who dispute concerning their
Lord: but for those who have
disbelieved, garments of fire
shall be cut out; the boiling water
shall be poured down upon their
All that is in their bowels, and
their skins, shall be dissolved:
and their are maces of iron of
So oft as they, for very anguish,
would fain come forth thence,
back shall they be turned into it:
and-"Taste ye the torment of the

Smoke, Sura XLIV(44) : 40+
Verily the tree of Ez-Zakkoum
Shall be the sinner's food:
Like dregs of oil shall it boil up
in their bellies,
Like the boiling of scalding water.
"-Seize ye him, and drag him into
the mid-Fire;
Then pour on his head of the
tormenting boiling water.
-'Taste this:' for thou forsooth art
the mighty. the honourable!
...... the pangs of Hell
Could these Koran,Qur'an directives
be a reason for the evils of ISIS?

By looking up all these scriptures in
the Bible and asking, “Could God be
possibly telling me in this verse that “hell”
is a hot place where people are kept
alive in a hot torture?” You will see that
the Bibles “hell” is not a hot place!

Hebrew word sheol; Ge 37:35
Ge 42:38, Ge 44:29,31, Nu 16:30,33,
De 32:22, 1Sa 2:6, 1Ki 2:6(Dy),
2Sa 22:6, 2Ki 22:6(Dy), 1Ki 2:6,9,
3Ki 2:6,9(Dy), Job 7:9, Job 11:8,
Job 14:13, Job 17:13,16, Job 21:13,
Job 24:19, Job 26:6, Ps 6:5,
Ps 6:6(IL&Dy), Ps 9:17, 9:18(IL),
Ps 9:18(Dy), Ps 16:10, 15:10(Dy),
Ps 18:5, Ps 18:6(IL), Ps 17:6(Dy),
Ps 30:3, Ps 30:4(IL), Ps 29:4(Dy),
Ps 31:17, *31:18(IL), 30:18(Dy),
Ps 49:14,15, Ps 49:15,16(IL),
Ps 48:15,16(Dy), Ps 55:15, :16(IL),
Ps 54:16(Dy) Ps 86:13, 85:13(Dy),
Ps 88:3, 88:4(IL), 87:4(Dy),
Ps 89:48, 89:49(IL), 88:49(Dy),
Ps 116:3, 114:3(Dy), Ps 139:8,
Ps 138:8(Dy), Ps 141:7, :8(IL),
Ps 140:7(Dy), Pr 1:12, Pr 5:5,
Pr 7:7, Pr 9:18, Pr 15:11, Pr 15:24,
Pr 23:14, Pr 27:20, Pr 30:16,
Ec 9:10, SS 8:6, Ca 8:6, Is 5:14,
Is 14:9,11,15, Is 28:15,18, Is 38:10,
Is 38:18, Is 57:9, Ez 31:15,16,17,
Ez 32:21,27, Ho 13:14, Os(Dy),
Am 9:2, Jon 2:2, Hab 2:5.

The Greek word Hades of Ac 2:31
is the same as Sheol of Ps 16:10.
Mt 11:23, Mt 16:18, Lu 10:15,
Lu 16:23, 16:22(Dy)(see Lu 15:1
to 17:18, 1Cor 15:20, Joh 3:13)
Ac 2:27,31, 1Cor 15:55, Re 1:18,
Ap 1:18(Dy), Re 6:8, Ap 6:8(Dy),
Re 20:13,14, Ap 20:13,14(Dy).

Greek Gehenna, see Joshua 15:8
and Jerusalem maps of that time,
notice the dung gate leading to.
Mt 5:22,29,30, Mt 10:28, Mt 18:9,
Mt 23:15,33, Mk 9:43,45,47,
Mk 9:42,44,46(Dy), Lu 12:5, Ja 3:6.

Greek Tartarus 2Pe 2:4, only
angles confined there.
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