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Originally Posted by imaginethat View Post
How do you know that we, individually and collectively, are manifesting this universe?

Both avatars and scientists say we are, the scientists calling it "collapsing the wave function."

Iow, how do you know you're insignificant? I understand that you've been battling the fundie menace, but I'm not talking about the biblical God or any other religion's equivalent.

How can we know that we have enough awareness to see a bigger picture? Radioactive decay is a fact, yet it wasn't observed until it was, until the means to observe it existed, and the observation of radioactive decay led to a theory to explain what was going on.

I firmly believe the same is happening now with ... something. Something is right in front of our faces, but we don't "see" it.
I can't see how your talk of some analogy to radioactive decay impacts on my significance in the universe. I guess I just lack the imagination to get to that vision.
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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
The question assumes something that might not be true. It assumes that the universe came into existence, regardless of by "accident" (whatever that means) or by design, but what if the universe didn't "come into existence" at all, has always existed, and always will exist?

Suppose it did somehow come into existence from nothing (nevermind that it seems to contradict the 1st law of thermodynamics), how do we test that? Also, what you offer here fails to provide a way of observing, measuring, or performing an experiment that I can repeat to draw the same conclusion or results that anyone else has done.

I'm looking for something that is free of the need & dependency on faith. For example, if someone claims I can get a certain chemical compound from a formula they provide, and I try out the formula to see whether or not I end up with that certain chemical compound, it will either work or not work. It's testable and falsifiable. Whether or not that formula works has nothing to do with faith; it has to do with it either works or it doesn't work - that's it.
There is one experiment that will prove the existence, or non existence of God. Kill yourself and see what happens. Proof positive.
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Originally Posted by Mr Bombastic View Post
There is one experiment that will prove the existence, or non existence of God. Kill yourself and see what happens. Proof positive.
Who is this suggestion for? I can't imagine why anyone, other than someone who's religious, would want to kill themselves to prove such a thing - whatever that is or whatever it means.

Can you show or define what "God" is or means to someone like me who isn't religious using the scientific method or scientific language & terminology only (not religious language & terminology or religious texts/books)?
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