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ESET: A White Paper on massive 'Stuxnet' worm that targets SCADA systems!


The Stuxnet worm [1] is making headlines and is even on CNN!. The worm was first discovered in July of 2010. Many in the media and even some of the anti-virus companies are hyping it up as the "best" malware ever written [1]. The theories are still out there as to who exactly wrote and it's anybodies guess. Although I will not get into that here. Some anti-virus vendors are speculating that it was written by a group or a team of people from various countries based upon extensive disassembling and research by analysts [2]. Other people have their own theories including any political motives about why somebody may have written it and targeted Iran [1]. The bottom line is the malware was designed to target "SCADA" systems. SCADA stands for "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition". These systems make up nuclear, power plant, and and even some electrical grids! What we know so far is that the worm is a Win32 based viruses that targets Windows 2000, XP, and 7 machines. It uses three unpatched vulnerabilities in Windows that were 0-day exploits [2] and one patched one [2]. The worm was not designed to spread via the internet. It was designed to take advantage of autorun features on [2] flash-drives. The worm is considered both a user-mode and kernel level rootkit [2]. It uses both stealthy techniques to hide on unsuspecting and compromised flash drive.

The White Paper:

I merely made this post for those of you interested in reading more about the worm on a deep technical level. ESET has just recently released a paper on it and your welcome to comment on it it in this post. Linkbacks are always welcome as are comments! Enjoy the read.


1. Computerworld. "Iran arrests 'spies' after Stuxnet attacks on nuclear program". Iran arrests 'spies' after Stuxnet attacks on nuclear program - Computerworld. accessed 3 Oct 2010. 2 Oct 2010.

2. ESET. "Stuxnet Under The Microscope." http://www.eset.com/resources/white-...Microscope.pdf. accessed 3 Oct 2010. 2010.
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