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Evolution not Revolution Part 4

Science, Metaphysics and the Role of Technology

Science originally evolved to fulfill a void left by peoples disillusionment with religion during the middle ages, and has the unique aspect of being based pure and simply on logical facts. The problem with logical facts is that they cannot be used to describe anything new, though they are the building blocks toward new discoveries. All scientific breakthroughs occur through individual genius's who are able to intuitively comprehend future possibilities in an illogical way, and then set about organising events in a coherent order so as they can be described logically, and thus learned by other people.

This works wonderfully provided scientist are aloud to think freely and abstractly, but when free thought is sacrificed just to preserve a certain set of doctrines, then there becomes a very big problem. Growth, advancement, and opportunities for enlightenment will cease. Stagnation and dogma will return, and we will be right back where we were before in the middle ages.

One of the main areas of science that is stretching the boundaries is quantum physics, that area of physics that studies existence at a subatomic/nanoscopic level, and what they are discovering is truly amazing and should fill us all with hope and inspiration. Not only have they made discoveries that provide hope for new ways of harnessing unlimited sources of energy for our power requirements, these very same discoveries are also leading scientists to believe that there could indeed be such a thing as a universal creative principle (God?) acting behind the scenes of existence.

The issue is that before these discoveries can be presented to the masses of humanity in a logical way, mainstream physicists are going to have to admit that they don't know everything there is to know about reality. Whilst its readily accepted that all matter is energy and that ultimately the only thing that truly exists is this energy, what is really pushing the boundaries of physics is the homogenous nature and unique characteristics that this energy appears to have at this most basic level. While I'm no quantum physicist and I wont even attempt to thoroughly explain these findings*, it would appear that the quantum energy field responds to thought, and in fact could be the source of our thoughts and consciousness.

Now there are two major implications emerging from this. Firstly, that whilst science initially served to steer humanity (particularly in the west) away from the metaphysical and toward pure materialism, the opposite would now appear to be true. Indeed we could for the very first time be heading toward a situation where science will set out a “logical” explanation for the nature of God, namely this newly discovered creative principle that is at the foundation of all we call reality.

Secondly, that the most likely way for us to create a society that will allow the conditions required for individual self realisation to unfold, is to embrace these “new age” energy technologies and look toward using them as a dynamic base for the creation of a new type of economic model based on abundance instead of scarcity.

Now I know this is still a very controversial area with a lot of established scientists declaring these discoveries to be frauds and lies. Regardless we have to take the plunge and devote all necessary financial and human resources to finishing there research and development. The simple fact of the matter is that if humanity as a whole can find the desire to put enough thought and effort into this area then a way will be found toward there creation, for this is how reality works. All the fruits of our toils and endeavors that we currently enjoy, whether they're material or ideological, first sprang forth as intuitive thoughts and ideas from a human mind. We stand to gain so much if these technologies can be successfully birthed, and even if it does turn out to have been a false hope, it cant be any worse of an occurrence then the folly we aloud to happen in 2008.

The potent characteristics of these technologies has also caused wise people to question the wisdom of there development. There's little doubt that for the majority of man kinds current cycle he hasn't been in possession of a suitable mind set that allowed him to handle these technologies responsibly. War has always been lurking in the background of our societies waiting to raise its ugly head, and the last thing that should end up in a war mongers hands is an inexhaustible supply of cheap energy.

These circumstances are changing however, with the masses of middle class people around the world being able to develop tolerance , understanding and even friendship amongst themselves via the gateway of the internet, regardless as to their racial creed or religious inclinations. Everyone is starting to realise that there really is very little difference in man kinds needs, desires and inspirations whatever their supposed nationality. In a short time our people will refuse to go to war and kill each other just to preserve outmoded ways of being which have only served to benefit a minority. Blessed will be that day.

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