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Myers-Brigg Personality Test: What is Your Personality Type?

Myers-Brigg Personality Test: What is Your Personality Type?

Take the Myers-Brigg Personality Test here:


Read some of your Personality Profile and post your result here.

You can find a great deal about your personal Personality Type through various resources on the internet articles as well as YouTube videos.

My results came back INTJ-A ("the Architect"). My exact stats were:

-52% Introverted
-67% Intuitive
-65% Thinking
-52% Judging
-80% Assertive
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Debater (entp-a)

76% extraverted

88% intuitive

51% thinking

78% prospecting

61% assertive

The Debater personality type is the ultimate devilís advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see. Debaters donít do this because they are trying to achieve some deeper purpose or strategic goal, but for the simple reason that itís fun. No one loves the process of mental sparring more than Debaters, as it gives them a chance to exercise their effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove their points.

An odd juxtaposition arises with Debaters, as they are uncompromisingly honest, but will argue tirelessly for something they donít actually believe in, stepping into anotherís shoes to argue a truth from another perspective.
Playing the devilís advocate helps people with the Debater personality type to not only develop a better sense of othersí reasoning, but a better understanding of opposing ideas Ė since Debaters are the ones arguing them.

This tactic shouldnít be confused with the sort of mutual understanding Diplomat personalities seek Ė Debaters, like all Analyst personality types, are on a constant quest for knowledge, and what better way to gain it than to attack and defend an idea, from every angle, from every side?
Yup, that's me!! I have mellowed a little with age.
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78% Introverted

52% Intuitive

74% Thinking

56% Prospecting

53% Assertive.
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Put some ice on that
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