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Originally Posted by Asimov View Post
The Civil War may not have been inevitable, but secession of the South was a given. The real clincher was when Lincoln managed to get elected with only 40% of the popular vote, and without carrying a single Southern State. He even offered in his pre-election speeches to support an constitutional amendment that would protect slavery where it currently existed in the South, but these overtures were ignored. The election results made it evident that southern states had been effectively eliminated from the democratic process. What is often overlooked is that Lincoln was not President when the first 7 States voted to leave the Union. The President was James Buchanan. The Confederacy was already formed before Lincoln took office. What triggered the fighting was when Lincoln moved Colonel Anderson's garrison from the mainland to Fort Sumter and attempted to dispatch reinforcements. Fort Sumter belonged to the State of South Carolina. This made it clear to the Palmetto Guard that Lincoln intended to use federal troops to seize property in violation of the sovereignty of a State.

Lincoln's actions would be akin today to Donald Trump--a minority president, I might add--using the Marines to invade and establish martial law in any "sanctuary city" that did not comply with his anti-immigration policy. Consider the outrage that such a blatant abuse of power would incinerate, and one can see that the Civil War was not about slavery until Lincoln redefined two years later it in the wake of his marginal victory at Antietam.
James Buchanan is the most overlooked or excused man in history. If you have ever read some of James Buchanan's letters it is obvious he was unhappy and very depressed with being President. Of course there is strong indications he was gay as well, which with his station and the time period, would not have helped his situation. James Buchanan did nothing at all to alleviate the crisis. He was probably the worst President the United States has ever had.

Unfortunately I disagree with you on the point of slavery. Slavery was always the issue in my opinion. The reasons you are citing was the excuses that the rich plantation owners used to dupe the common non slave owning southern man into fighting for their cause. Their cause had always been slavery.

I enjoy reading your posting very much sir.
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