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How hasn't anyone realized that Proud Feminist is a straw parody of feminists?
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Originally Posted by Gordy View Post
How hasn't anyone realized that Proud Feminist is a straw parody of feminists?
I dont think she is.
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Put some ice on that
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Originally Posted by tristanrobin View Post
Please, lady, don't speak for all feminists.

I know many feminists who be appalled at your viewpoints of several issues. And some of these are are also "proud feminists" who run women's studies departments at universities.

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Originally Posted by guy39 View Post
I dont think she is.
His/her positions are typical strawman positions borrowed from what one would see on facebook posts and HuffPost think pieces. They do not show that he/she has read any kind of feminist theory. Many of his/her posts use an almost sarcastic and exaggerated tone. Ditto for Endtherepublic, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were the same person. I mean, his/her screen name is literally "Proud Feminist" you can't get more ironic than that.
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Proud Feminist, the article linked in your opening post brings up the concern that children who identify as transgender are being sterilized. The article doesn't discuss the actual steps taken by medical practitioners when treating children who come out as transgender.

According to the documentary Being Me, while doctors may start administering hormone blockers on the onset of puberty, the child can be taken off of these hormone blockers as old as 15, (possibly older, the doctor in the video doesn't say for sure, but they do say at least 15,) and the child can develop, physically, as they would have without the hormone blockers.

To my knowledge, the mainstream medical communities in the U.S., Europe, Australia and elsewhere are not surgically removing or changing the genitals or gonads of anyone below the age of 16 for the purpose of a sex-change, nor are they advocating that anyone do so. (Ignoring here the cases where ambiguous genitalia are surgically changed to conform to whatever the doctor or parents decide to make them conform to, which, as an aside, I'm personally opposed to.)

While it would help if the technology existed to safely perform and reverse sex-changes at any age, in the absence of this technology I think medical practitioners are doing their best to take care of transgender children and adults. Without hormone blockers and other forms of treatment the risk of self-harm is high, (again, according to the linked documentary.) Parents and doctors are giving kids access to these forms of treatment because they believe this is the best way to help keep them safe from self-harm and help them be happy.
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