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Originally Posted by Athena View Post
Does this mean you did not have children and have decided to never have children? I may have also made that choice if I had known how bad my life would be, not just because of a husband but also a bad economy, the change in education, and how all of these things had a negative on my son and daughter. But if I had not had children, I would not know the joy being a grandmother, and I think my friends who never had children have a sense that something is missing in their lives. But none of them had really good careers either. Maybe if they had careers that had been more fulfilling, they would not look sad when grandchildren are mentioned?

Do you enjoy being a woman? What is about being a woman that you enjoy? I thought if I did not have children I would never feel fulfilled, but back in the day, we thought about everything differently. The idea of having a fulfilling career was not common for women and it sure was not tolerable to my father! I am not saying one is good and other is bad, but that there are distinct differences in our possible life choices.
Yes, i do enjoy being a woman. And one of the best parts about being a woman is i know i can have both a career and a family. I have many friends who handle both just fine right now, and when i get back on my feet and get my career going again i will too.

You seem the one being defensive, and i am not sure why. I am not the one posting some odd things here, just replying to them. If you want to move on, that is fine. I wont bring it up any more, because i can respect that decision.
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Old February 26th, 2018, 05:55 PM   #122
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This might be an interesting read for anyone who might be interested in intersectional feminism. It's just one i was reading tonight so i have it handy to share.

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Sex and morals

The modern 'hook-up' culture pervasive amongst Millennials is (largely) contemptible & incompatible with healthy, successful, long-term monogamous relationship(s). Outlets like 'tinder' are contributing to the breakdown of our society. The new 'virtues' include being incredibly shallow, superficial, narcissistic, irresponsible, undisciplined, disloyalty, ect. ect. In my view, the best hope we have is it hitting 'rock bottom' sooner rather than later in order for the need to 'bounce back' becomes recognized--and hopefully a more 'balanced' position is found and maintained on the spectrum of early/mid-20th century 'traditionalism' and the kind of 'post-modernist' hyper-sexual promiscuity, ect. of today.
Thanks from Athena
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Well, I really appreciate your position on virtues. It might help if I completed a book I have worked on for years. Plenty of books about education have been written but none of are saying what Jefferson meant when he wrote of our right to pursue happiness. Our whole democracy is a farce without literacy in Greek and Roman classics.

I just finished watching a great song about the metalloids in the periodic table, and I wish I had skills and knowledge to do the same with virtues. Courtesy is a word I haven't come across for years. Courtesy means.

Courtesy is to be polite and to have good manners. It is to be considerate of others. It is a way of speaking and acting with people which gives them a feeling of being valued and respected....
I quoted a Virtue Card. I have a set of virtue cards for learning the virtues and they can be used to get ideas on how to deal with difficult moments. We once believed virtues were synonymous with strength. They go with liberty, which is the right to determine what is right. Liberty does not mean unleashed freedom to do anything we please, but liberty comes with responsibility and duty and goes with what Cicero talked about and the idea that only an ignorant person would make bad decisions.

Books have changed the world, and we need one that explains the past purpose of education correctly.

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