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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
I'd be more worried about the public sector employees leaving their professions. I can't speak to other public sector jobs, but I can tell you that there is a teacher shortage across the nation. The U.S. Department of Education maintains an annual list — state by state — showing the subject areas in which there are too few teachers going back to the 1990-91 school year. What’s new is the size of the shortage and the reasons for it.

Why are so many teachers leaving? Educators say reasons include low pay, insufficient classroom resources, and so many testing requirements and teaching guidelines that they feel they have no flexibility and too little authentic instructional time. Also included is a decrease in benefits, lack of respect/support from parents, admin and students. In other words, no one wants to be treated like crap.
The percentage of all teachers getting a teaching license — including veterans — fell by more than 50 percent from 2009-10 to 2013-14. In Arizona, this has become a crisis, so much so that the Dept of Ed and lawmakers think that just hiring anyone--with a bachelors degree--will be just fine. Surprise--surprise! That's not working out very well.
Recently an 18-year-old was hired to teach kindergarten in one of our local school districts. The girl was homeschooled, finished college by age 18--then applied to the school district. Obviously THAT didn't pan out either.

It's time to address this teacher shortage issue and wrapping up the unions are NOT the way to do it. I'd like to hear from other public sector employees.
I'm in a bit of a tough spot here but from what I see around here, we have the same issues. Or at least the teachers make the same claims again and again.

And the teacher's union is one of the strongest, probably equal to the civil service unions.

And yet these unions haven't fixed it over all these years.

As far as I can tell, all they do is fight to keep bad teachers employed and fight against any and all changes.
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Originally Posted by Lyzza View Post
My dad is almost at retirement, but now may not get retirement. He has been a steward for his local AFSCME for years, and he has had to fight for the jobs of the non-members who bitch and bitch about the union --> until they beg my dad to help them save their jobs.
Well he should/should have told them to go stuff it.
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Originally Posted by RNG View Post
The Axios weekly newsletter listing things to watch this week had this item.

Thus far Axios' speculations about these kinds of things have shown to be pretty accurate.

This could hurt the Democrats.

I'm torn. Hurting the Democrats helps the Republicans but I don't like the strength of unions in general and public sector unions in particular.
Most people only hear one side of that case involving that particular one. It is based on a 1977 decision by the court to require those who don't want to have to pay dues for protection they still get, which makes them moochers on the backs of dues paying members, but were required to at least pay a minimum fee for the protections they do get. Even Antonin Scalia supported that argument, and questioned the motives by the plaintiffs the last time it was brought before the court, in which he died right before a 4-4 decision was handed down.
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