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Originally Posted by Clara007 View Post
Every single category I mentioned includes LEGAL AMERICANS. Try again. Try harder this time.
Try what harder? It was you who put them in categories.
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Yo, Hollywood, still waiting for that question. Or did you forget what the question was?
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Originally Posted by caconservative View Post
Yo, Hollywood, still waiting for that question. Or did you forget what the question was?
Not repeating myself. Figure it our for yourself.
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[QUOTE=Clara007;1167582]Maybe I'm being OVERLY sensitive, but I just read this and think that Trump should be apologizing to his wife.

First Lady Melania Trump underwent kidney surgery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday in a procedure that is expected to keep her hospitalized for the rest of the week. But instead of accompanying his wife to the hospital on Monday, President Trump hung back at the White House, where, according to his schedule, he received intelligence and press briefings... and had lunch with Vice President Mike Pence in a private dining room. Just after 5 p.m. on Monday, Trump did tweet that he was headed to Walter Reed to visit the First Lady, declaring her procedure "successful," saying she was in good spirits and thanking well-wishers.

I have had 3 surgeries in my life and Mr. Clara was there, holding my hand and assuring me that everything would be fine. What husband doesn't GO to the hospital with his wife??[/QUOTE

He has a LOT more than that to apologize for (to his wife) can you imagine cheating on a woman like THAT? Sheesh, I Like the guy and his policies (a LOT) but he should have had his ass kicked for cheating on her.Maybe she knew very well what he's like (when it comes to women) before the marriage, His first 2 wives knew and didn't care. Maybe she didn't THEN, but I bet it rankles her badly with her being center stage these says.
Thanks from Clara007
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[QUOTE=Clara007;1167560]Why don't we admit when we are wrong? AND why are apologies becoming an endangered species?

Unfortunately, there are those among us who have gotten into a habit of doing one or all three Ė consistently. Whatís up with that? There's also the un-apology APOLOGY. You know the one. There's usually a .."BUT" in the apology and it doesn't ring sincere.
Apologies need a big comeback if we the people want a united country. We need to grow up and find a little maturity because THAT'S the missing link.
Maturity means owning up to a mistake, admitting we DID IT/SAID IT and saying something like: You were right. I was wrong and Iím truly sorry for what Iíve done. Truly sorry.

It's not really that hard--humbling, yes. Embarrassing--probably. But the bottom line, we all need to learn to admit when we are wrong and to take responsibility appropriately.

The smartest man I ever knew, (14 languages, Doctorate in theology) always said, "with power, must come humility."
But in a world where there is no God, there is no accountability. Apologies are for the accountable. They are for the strong, the realist. Humility takes strength. Knowing, takes strength.
It is through the weak, that we have 'fads', controlling factors, and an irresistible hunger to take it all without guilt.
Thanks from Clara007
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