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Stop The Afghanistan Occupation, We Must Stop The Corporations

And THEN The Wars Will End

At what point are we going to admit that Afghanistan, now at nine

years being called the longest war in American history, is just an

endless and permanently unwelcome occupation? It's never, ever going

to end until we the people finally cry out to put an end to it.

Now that General McChrystal has been fired for being too publicly

frank about a lot of stuff, including the fact that there is no hope

of "victory" in Afghanistan, his replacement by General Petraeus

offers little hope of an exit any time soon either. Instead, he warns

things there are going to get worse, at a time when casualties are

already setting records.

Tell Congress to End The Afghanistan Occupation

Action Page: End The Afghanistan Occupation

We have NO national security interest in occupying so many countries

in the Middle East. Quite the contrary, it just makes us more

insecure and unsafe by breeding hatred and revenge for America's

military arrogance all over the world. If the Cheney/Bush

administration had not been so indifferently asleep at the switch the

9/11 attacks could have easily been prevented. By their own admission

all they had to do was "connect the dots". Occupying Afghanistan does

nothing to advance that mission.

The founders of our country in their wisdom sought to preclude a

"king" from having the power to launch wars for the enlargement of

their own power, to the detriment of the interests of the people. But

today we have a new class of kings, corporate monoliths in the

military and energy sectors, that are driving the bus whoever sits in

the White House. And it does not help that to do their bidding the

Cheney/Bush administration usurped every power they could get their

hands on, none of which have been repudiated by President Obama.

That is why we must recognize that war is nothing but a perpetual

profit center for corporations acting only in their own interests,

and it is only by confronting the encroaching domination of

corporations that we can ever actually put an end to war.

Help us get this message out by picking up a 25 pack of the

"Corporations Are NOT The People" bumper stickers to give to your

friends and neighbors, just as hundreds and hundreds of your fellow

progressive policy activists already have.

Bulk Corporations Are Not The People bumper stickers:

Get your Bumper Sticker to STOP the Supreme Court 5

Free Single Bumper Stickers:

Get your Bumper Sticker to STOP the Supreme Court 5

They tell us we must be in Afghanistan to defeat Al Qaeda. But Al

Qaeda is not in Afghanistan, they long ago fled to Pakistan and other

more friendly territories. Our own military estimates there are less

than 100 Al Qaeda actually in Afghanistan. That means we are spending

a billion dollars a year chasing each one of these phantoms, and just

making more enemies in the process.

Worse yet, if General Petraeus is to emulate in Afghanistan his bribe

the militants strategy to temporarily reduce the violence (otherwise

known as the "surge"), that means even more of our tax dollars going

directly into the pockets of warlord, insurgents and worse, on top of

the millions already going to them already.

This is utter lunacy. Nine billion dollars on shrink wrapped pallets

went missing in Iraq in one gulp. Our own treasury may now be the

primary source of financing (a grave federal crime) for the

terrorists we were told we were there to take out. But the

corporations love that. It just means a "war on terror" for all

eternity and a permanent boom business for the corporate death and

destruction merchants.

Please take action now by speaking out. Only your voice can make a

difference. Only your voice has ever made a difference.

And here is the Facebook link for the Green Jobs Energy And Climate

Bill action page further above.

[Facebook] Action Page:

Login | Facebook

And this is the Twitter reply for this same action

@cxs #p1050

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed

to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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COSTOFWAR.COM - The Cost of War

Cost of War | National Priorities Project
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On Monday 7 June, the Afghanistan war completed its 104th month, becoming the longest-ever war the United States has fought.Afghanistan: America's longest war - USATODAY.com Costs continue to rise, outpacing that of the Iraq war for the first time last month – a trend that appears likely to continue. Victory is defined too nebulously to substantively measure. Withdrawal timetables have repeatedly been gutted. The future looks as bleak as ever.

No end to tragedies in Afghanistan | Sahil Kapur | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
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