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One might think that Palestine Authority is the side who is holding back peace when they always deny the peace talks Israel offers. But the fact is that the Palestinian Authority demands some simple terms for the talks so that they wont do the same mistakes as they did in the Oslo accords.[sup][1] [/sup]The Oslo accords failed because Israel continued the occupation, war crimes, building of illegal settlements and oppressed the Palestinians in their own homeland at the same time. And at the same times as Israel says they want peace they continue their settlement expansion.[sup][1 [/sup]The settlements are off course illegitimate and are oppressing the Palestinians living both in the occupied East Jerusalem and the ring settlements in the Jerusalem-Bethlehem-Ramallah area. But also in the cities controlled by the national authority.

Second of all any talks must be between two fully democratic parts. Israel is not a democratic part. The "Law of return" is illegitimate, undemocratic and supports apartheid. A state based on it is far from democratic. That is the reason why Israel is not legitimate as a state. That does NOT mean that the Israeli people are not legitimate. Therefore they need somewhere to live. The Palestinian Authority are corrupt and to a large extent also undemocratic as well. They also don't have the competence, legal and bureaucratic system to manage the Israeli territories. Neither will the Israeli people accept this. We need a new state.

The UN needs to organize an election in Israel and Palestine with as little as possible involvement from the two states. The elected representatives will have talk, plan and decide upon how the new state will be organized. This will happen without the involvement of the two old states. This can be quite a challenge given the infrastructure in the two different states and deciding the future of the settlements. Once a constitution and the practical decisions have been made it is time for a new election. After this election the newly elected government will take over control of the two states.

There is not much support for this solution. Palestine-Israel and the world community needs a people movement for this solution too convince the world leaders about this. Tell your friends. Conservative movements both Israeli and Palestinian will have problems with this, but many will open their eyes when they are no longer oppressed. And the Zionist movements will lose their power in a democratic state. Given the fact that Israeli-Arabs are much more liberal then the people on the West-bank and Gaza, there will be a majority of liberal Arabs and liberal Israelis in the area. People will also become more liberal there after the conflict loosens up. Creating a good circle of peace.

Let me hear what you think and spread the idea! =)
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It's a radical idea, with a chance of success, and could break this cycle:

Chief Israeli, Palestinian negotiators meet in Jordan for 1st time in more than a year


Israel announces contentious Jerusalem construction ahead of peace talks meet[ing]


This has been going on ... forever. Your idea could stop this.
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That is the illegitimate talks i am talking about, yes. These talks in Jordan will fail with the situation as it is now.
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No peace talk with gain israel any more friends out of old enemies.
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