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Originally Posted by Sabcat View Post
Where do I sign up?
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A Department of Justice manual entitled “Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism” lists the following activities as denoting someone with Terrorist inclinations:

One, Someone who goes to “preparedness” expos. That is, someone who attends expositions and/or clinics that teach people how to cope, prepare food for storage, and basic survival techniques in the event the U.S. falls apart. This would include virtually all Mormons and members of virtually any Christian religion, since a belief in the “End of the World,” and the need to be prepared for it, is one of the basic beliefs of Christianity.

Two, anyone who possesses gold or silver. This would include anyone who fears the U.S. dollar may be severely devalued and/or collapse entirely—something that most economist have been predicting for years because of the Federal Government’s wasteful spending habits and the continual printing of money.

Three, “Constitutionalists.” This would include people like Ron Paul who believe we should follow a strict interpretation of the Constitution. If you belong to any of these three groups, then you are listed by the DOJ as a potential terrorist right alongside of groups like Hamas, al-Qaeda, and Hizbollah.

What is ironic here, is that the Federal Government which is the world’s biggest “sabatoger” of the U.S. economic system via its bailouts, stimulus plans, skyrocketing national debt, unbalanced budgets, duplicate programs, countless business-killing regulations, and the constant printing of ever more worthless money, considers anyone who is trying to defend themselves against that sort of “sabatoge” (by purchasing gold, etc.) to be guilty of “economic sabotage.”

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This is a example that finally America is coming to the fork that will allow them to end capitalism forever. Removing those who threaten the state is a great step forward for this.
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If this is true, which I highly doubt, I guess I'm a terrorist.
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