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Originally Posted by ulald View Post
neither England or france would have amounted to a hill of beans had not the US supplied them. Neither would the Russians. The US could not have cared less if Hitler had killed every last Russian. in fact, many would have at least cheered and quite a few would have sent him money.
Actually, you are probably correct on this point, if we consider all the fascist despots the US has supported and even placed in power after coups against elected democratic governments.

Most US industrialists like Henry Ford and JD Rockefeller, wanted the US to make a deal with Hitler to fight the greater enemy - Communist Russia, as did the bankers, because all else aside, fascism is compatible with capitalism, while communism could lead to confiscation and nationalization of their assets.
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Hitler was stupid for starting the war when he did because he didn't have the necessary weapon systems to win the war. He could have won WWI but not WWII. He didn't have a navy or any long-range heavy bombers. And he didn't have the manpower or the logistical systems he needed. Plus he couldn't defend Germany. He lost the war when the first shot was fired.
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The reason that the United Kingdom (not England – England is part of the UK) wouldn’t have declared war with France and Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union for three reasons:

a) The UK and France are and were democracies and democracies don’t (or never used to) declare war without a casus beli.
b) They would never have sided with Nazi Germany because by 1939 the disgusting nature of that regime was beginning to emerge
c) Anyone in their right mind (something in short supply here) would seek to avoid war at any cost

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Originally Posted by Peter the Roman View Post
Fool. The French and the English were fully under the control of the International Jewry. There was not a snowball's chance in Hell that they would've assisted in the National Socialist Revolution. Not a fucking chance.

Wrong on all accounts. The United States was relatively uninvolved until the Fall of France, and even then the material aid only ramped up after Germany's declaration of war in 1941. Lend Lease didn't even start coming in on the Russian Front until AFTER the failure of Heeresgruppe Mitte to seize Moscow in Unternehmen Taifun.

The United States was controlled, same as Britain and France, by the International Jewry and thus could not allow the National Socialists to succeed on any account. That's why the issue was pressed on Poland, when it was clear to them that the goal of the National Socialists was to reunite the German Fatherland in its entire, pre-Great War borders.
'The control of International Jewry’?! Are you serious????

Do you also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa? If this wasn't so poisonous it would be hilarious
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