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Tear Down That Wall

Recently I got to wondering how many Confederate statues were removed. This morning I found this:

Which Confederate statues were removed? A running list
By Christopher Carbone
March 11, 2018

Which Confederate statues were removed? A running list | Fox News
When race hustlers began tearing down Confederate monuments I hoped they might consider tearing down the Vietnam War Memorial. Let me be clear about my reasoning for conservatives who read this thread (liberals do not count).

On Veterans Day in 2007, I posted a message on another message board about the DESIGN of the Vietnam War Memorial.

I was always uncomfortable with the DESIGN, but never said anything against it. I felt that any criticism would be twisted by Lefties into a slur against the men and women whose names appear on the “Wall.” I was certain that message board liberals with their pretended moral outrage would have a field day criticizing my objections to the DESIGN. True to form, the Lefties on that board twisted my comments in an attempt to claim they were the ones who respect the men and women who fought, and fight, for this country.

It was an article by Duncan Maxwell Anderson that prompted me to express my thoughts on the Vietnam War Memorial. Four sentences covered what I always felt:

What these modern war memorials have in common with each other is nothing. They portray nothingness. They have no people in them, never mind men carrying guns or swords, statues of Winged Victory, or even doves of peace. Just death and names -- grief without glory.
November 11, 2007
Monuments to Wimpdom
By Duncan Maxwell Anderson

Since 2009 the worst people in our society acquired more political power than they had since they worked so hard to give America’s enemy a victory in Vietnam.

The Democrat Party’s contempt for the thousands who died in Vietnam, and, indeed, contempt for most men and women who serve in the military for this country, was not a campaign topic in 2008, or 2010, or 2012, or 2014, or 2016. It should have been because the Democrats who came to power in 2009 are the very people who despise the military when it is not serving the United Nations.

There is a subliminal political message involved in Anderson’s “Grief Without Glory” aspect of the Vietnam War Memorial’s design. Traditional designs honor the sacrifice as well as those who made it. The Vietnam War Memorial is different in that the dead are listed, but the message is that their sacrifice was a waste. How many visiting the Wall remember that the Vietnam War was fought against Communism? That was not a waste.

The Vietnam Wall is a political statement that is an insult to the men and women who gave their lives fighting Communism. Note that the anti-war Left never admitted they were demonstrating for Communism. To this day American Communists claim they opposed an unjust war.

Parenthetically, peaceniks still claim that the Vietnam War Memorial’s design is an anti-war statement. Their message is that the men and woman listed on the Wall would be anti-war liberals were they still alive. That is an insult to those who knowingly sacrificed their lives fighting against Communist expansion in Southeast Asia.

The worst of it is that the design implies that those men and women did not know what they were fighting against. The one fact liberals omit is that not one of the names on the Wall agreed to use their sacrifice for anti-America propaganda.

Apolitical my ass! If Maya Lin’s vision is not political I do not know what it is:

As soon as the winning design was unveiled, a group of Vietnam veterans loudly objected to virtually all of its key traits, referring to it ungenerously as the "black gash of shame.” In the end, after much nationwide debate that reached citizens and politicians alike, three realistic figures of soldiers, along with an American flag mounted atop a 60-foot pole, were placed near the monument —close enough to be a part of it but far enough away to preserve Lin’s artistic vision.


* The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial. Designed by college student Maya Lin, it was unveiled in Washington, D.C. on Veterans' Day 25 years ago. It's a black granite thingy-a long, plain wall that lines a big hole dug 10 feet into the ground. It lists the names of the war's 58,000 fallen Americans and . . . nothing else.

In her first proposal to build the memorial, Miss Lin explained its purpose: "We, the living, are brought to a concrete realization of these deaths." That's it. Not to honor what they did. Just a reminder that they're dead. Thanks.
November 11, 2007
Monuments to Wimpdom
By Duncan Maxwell Anderson
What do these modern memorials to heroism and sacrifice have in common?

The political message incorporated in the Vietnam War Memorial also justifies the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations by American Communists who did not, and do not, care one iota about the men and women who gave their lives fighting against the spread of Communism.

Author Tom Wolfe called it “a tribute to [anti-war activist] Jane Fonda.”

Vietnam veteran Jim Webb, a future U.S. Senator, referred to it as “a nihilistic slab of stone,” and political commentator Pat Buchanan accused one of the design judges of being a communist,” according to history.com.

The Wall that Heals ? HS Insider
I am not stretching it too far to suggest that Democrats believe that everybody who fought against Communism deserve the worst treatment possible. I would go so far as to suggest that if elected Democrats could get away with it they would deny benefits of any kind to every veteran who served in the military during the Vietnam War. (Think Veterans Administration scandals.)

On the plus side, there is a danger inherent in the Left’s anti-war rhetoric whenever Communism is threatened. The danger might grow to include anti- Communist-revolution-demonstrations. Then where would Communists be?

Finally, I saw one small monument reminding people of the two million Christian Armenians slaughtered by Turkish Muslims in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire. There are probably a few more monuments in this country built to honor the victims of totalitarian government that I have not seen. If so, they are erected with private donations. There is no national monument reminding future generations of the horrors inflicted on mankind by government.

A Wall containing all of the names murdered by their own government would dwarf the Great Wall of China.

I would like to see a national monument dedicated to the tens of millions who were murdered by totalitarian governments in the last century alone. Perhaps a national day of remembrance, too.

p.s. Speaking of walls, amnesty for DREAMERS will open the door for blanket amnesty. The joke is that amnesty will become the battering ram that knock holes in Trump’s Wall. He can build his wall as wide as the Missouri and as high as the Empire State Building and illegal aliens will climb through, over, under, and around it. In short: No wall is stronger than free stuff. These five are needed more than a wall:

1. Repeal every open-borders law starting with this one:


2. Repeal laws that prevent immediate deportation.

3. Stop tax dollars from defending and paying for appeals.

4. Levy and collect severe financial penalties from employers who hire illegals. That will stop them.

5. Confiscate real property owned by illegal aliens.
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