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about world history

war declared on america

war on america

war dates and description years between

19th century

American Revolution (17751783)

War of 1812 (18121815) 29

Indian Wars (approx. 1817189 2

Mexican War (1846184 29

Civil War (18611865)


20th century

Spanish-American War (18981902) 37

World War I (19171913 19

World War II (19401945)3 23

Korean War (19501953) 10

Vietnam War (19641975) 14

Gulf War (19901991) 26

Global War on Terror (2001) 11

the list above shows the wars and start and end dates from dat one in america. this list only uses the start dates of wars to create the years between of no wars. there have and is pressent 11 major wars in america with the longest period of no war at 37 years.

and the shortest period of no war at 2. years. this means that everyone that was at the age to be considerd a man and not a child in the generations went to a war. from the first to today. while not counting those who reeched man hood durin each war.

years war lasted years of war

American Revolution (17751783) 8

War of 1812 (18121815) 3

Indian Wars (approx. 1817189 79

Mexican War (1846184 2

Civil War (18611865) 4

20th century

Spanish-American War (18981902) 4

World War I (19171913 1

World War II (19401945)3 5

Korean War (19501953) 3

Vietnam War (19641975) 11

Gulf War (19901991) 1

Global War on Terror (2001) 9 still active

the above shows how long each war lasted.

i think i have shown a good example of how easey a

war can start. one of the reasons for a war is religion.

with friction between beliefs. another reason is econimy.

and race. and more. can you name them?.

by the way. this war on terror is number 11. the 11th war.

this period of time has had the most wars in the shortest amount of time. in one life time

today the most wars in the shortest amount of time in all history from ww1 to this war on

terror.. from ww1 to today. every generation went to a war.

more history
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Funny how both world wars started in Europe over a killing and another minor thing, and then escalated so fast.
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