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Iberian Peninsula

Iberian Peninsula - Península Ibérica

The Iberian peninsula is situated in southwestern Europe. It is formed by Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, Andorra and a small fraction of the territory of France in the western slopes and north of the Pyrenees, to the place where the isthmus is situated.

Iberian, (Greek: Iberia) Greek name of the peninsula;
From the Latin POENE INSULA, "almost island". Peninsula
Hispania, (Roman: Hispania) Roman name of the peninsula;

The Iberian peninsula is known by two countries worldwide portugal and spain.
Both countries speak Neolithic languages, but the revality between quotation marks the two peoples, the Spaniards call hispania where Portugal is encompassed in the name given by the Romans.
The Portuguese say the Iberian peninsula, name that many Spaniards do not like to hear because of portugal.
The name penisula is older so the map shows it
The name Hispania is only 2000 thousand years old.
The name lusitania has more than 2000 thousand years what is your opinion on this post.
To conclude the Lusitanians of the Iberian peninsula waged wars with the Romans for 200 years
Viriato king of the lusitanos.
The history of the Iberian peninsula is beautiful.

A question for all. In year 711 the Iberian peninsula was invaded by the Muslims, who came to give rise to seven kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula each kingdom with its neolatine language of the 6 kingdoms was born Spain. The seventh kingdom is portugal. With this Catholic kingdoms expelled the Muslims from the Iberian peninsula.
If it were to happen otherwise there would never be the name portugal and the name spain and the discoveries would never happen on behalf of these countries, what would be the story today about portugal that was the first in the discoveries where the followers came to create new countries in the new world.
Speak in new world only refer to north america as a new world or do they also refer to south america?
Christopher columbus new world
Pedro alvares cabrál does not have the name of the new world, as it has colombo.It is a case to think about the history of the Americas.
It was more worth giving the title of the new world to the Vikings
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