1. Camelot

    Trade Deficit Hits Highest Level Since 2008

    It skipped from Bush to Donald the Conald. What happened with all that “America First” crapola. This is a larger trade deficit than Obama experienced in 8 years in office.
  2. Kelvin

    Obama 2008 Backchannel Talks

    Yes, from people during the 2008 campaign, with at least Hamas, and with Iran. And now? The insane left is attempting to criminalize such stuff, until the Dims do it next time. FLASHBACK - Reports: Obama's 2008 Campaign Reps Talked with Iran, Hamas
  3. excalibur

    Obama on 'Voter Fraud' in 2008

    FLASHBACK: Obama Believed In 'Rigged Elections' In 2008 [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller
  4. excalibur

    Did Michelle Obama Also "Borrow" For Her 2008 Speech

    h/t Jimmyb How about that. Did Michelle Obama Also "Borrow" For Her 2008 Speech | Zero Hedge 
  5. excalibur

    Hillary Loses Nearly 250,000 Votes in Kentucky vs. 2008

    Hillary won Kentucky in 2008, she may or may not have won Kentucky in 2016. She wound up with ~250,000 fewer votes than she had in 2008. Hillary excites no one, other than the coven. KENTUCKY FREEFALL: Hillary Loses Quarter of a Million Votes from Her 2008 Primary Win 
  6. LongWinded

    There's a reason Clinton flip flopped from her heatlh care stand in 2008

    Hillary Clinton?s Single-Payer Flip Flop Greased By Millions in Industry Speech Fees MONEY!!!!! Her lack of integrity in being bought to make sure Americans don't get what she campaigned on in 2008 makes her less than the ethical person we need in the White House.
  7. excalibur

    Hillary’s National Lead Slipping Faster Than in 2008

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/01/14/hillary-clintons-national-lead-is-slipping-faster-in-2016-than-it-did-in-2008/ 
  8. LongWinded

    Percentage Of Pro-Choice Americans Is Highest Since 2008

    Percentage Of Pro-Choice Americans Is Highest Since 2008 Decrease the arrogance of male dominated religion and you open up a woman's right to choose. In all reality, this is no one's business but the woman's. To deny that is to admit to being nothing more than an arrogant busybody.
  9. excalibur

    Obama's 2008 Communication With Teheran

    Report: Obama Sent Ambassador to Tehran to Assure Mullahs He Was Friend of Regime (Video) | The Gateway Pundit 
  10. TNVolunteer73

    President Obama 2008, what does this mean for him in 2015

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyLmru6no4U During the Obama administration debt has increased ~9 trillion Why are not liberals holding Obama to his words... Does this mean he is only 1/2 as patriotic as Bush? (These are based on his words he used in attacking Bush)... ...
  11. G

    Values' Popular Movement: after 2004 Win +2008 Theft, time for 2010-2012 Victories ?!

    Values' driven Popular Movement, after emerging back in 2000, helped win the 2004 US Presidential Vote by GOP's GWBush, and succeeded to launch a Front-runner GOP presidential hopeful candidate on 2007-2008 primaries : Governor Mike Huckabee, but was frustrated from a possible final win by some...
  12. 4

    What We Missed--The 10 Most Neglected Stories of 2008

    amid all the economic crises and political campaigns, much was happening beyond the front pages of America's newspapers: attacks in Africa and Afghanistan, important health legislation, even a few Pentagon snafus that largely escaped the public's attention. What follows is NEWSWEEK's list of 10...
  13. mikelew007

    2008 vs 2004 electoral maps

    Since state polls matter more than national, every day until the election I will post the day's electoral map by Electoral-vote.com: President, Senate, House Updated Daily Map Key: Solid blue: Solid Obama/Kerry Light blue: Leans Obama/Kerry Blue-white: Barely Obama/Kerry White: Dead even...
  14. RidinHighSpeeds

    Second 2008 Presidential Debate (Full Video)

    YouTube - Second 2008 Presidential Debate (Full Video)
  15. intangible child

    Can you come? Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Please join us this Saturday, September 27 for the Green Jobs Now National Day of Action. Hundreds of events will be held across the country -- free concerts, rallies, teach-ins, house parties and more -- all with the goal to spread the word: we must Repower America with green jobs now. Click...
  16. mikelew007

    2008 Election Poll

    2008 Election Poll- It is what it is. Who are you voting for in the 2008 US Presidential Election? If other/Write-in, who?
  17. intangible child

    September 16, 2008

    Call-in Day Wednesday September 17, 2008 Read this newsletter online at: FCNL: E-News: Help in a Bad Economy, Offshore Drilling, and More *Call-in Day Wednesday: Economic Policy Should Help Poor People* Congress is spending much of this month trying to approve half a trillion dollars...
  18. R

    Elections 2008: Online-Survey on the Psychology of Voting Behavior

    Hi, we are a group of social psychologists, investigating the psychological background of voting behavior. It would be a great help for us if you participated in our web-based survey. It is completely anonymous and will take approximately 10 minutes. After the completion you will get a...
  19. highway80west

    AARP Bulletin: Sept. 2008

    http://bulletin.aarp.org/states/mt/articles/ama_medicare_play_big_role_in_doctors_pay.html http://bulletin.aarp.org/states/co/articles/shortfall_in_primary_care_physicians_likely_to_get_worse.html How many of you get this publication? On the front page it shows that "where have all the...