1. N

    Pro 2nd Amendment Shows & People

    Podcasts & radio shows: https://player.fm/podcasts/2nd-Amendment NEW The Second Amendment Show https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/john-willett/bear-arms-show https://gunfreedomradio.com/ Supporters, activists, personalities: https://www.usacarry.com/30-influential-pro-gun-rights-advocates/...
  2. TNVolunteer73

    Another Trump Victory 2nd in 2 days

    1. Fewest Jobless claims since 1973 (this is RAW NUMBER) not a percentage of workforce eligible.\ 2. UNEMPLOYMENT IS 3.9% April (April 2016) was 5% (april 2008 was 5%) Now that is the U3 U6 is 7.8 April 2016 it was 9.8... April 2008 9.1 This is the time of year of Higher...
  3. Clara007

    Some 2nd Amendment History

    Ever see the movie "Django Unchained"?? Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained asks, “Why don’t they just rise up [slaves] and kill the whites?” If the movie were real, it would have been a purely rhetorical question, because every southerner of the era knew the simple answer: Well regulated...
  4. J

    Al Hoffman Jr. a RINO donor, to support attack on 2nd Amendment

    See Florida Republican donor says he’ll stop giving to GOP lawmakers who don’t back gun control ”A prominent GOP donor in Florida is threatening to cut off funding to Republicans who oppose a ban on assault weapons. Al Hoffman, Jr. recently fired off an email to incumbent Gov. Rick Scott...
  5. tristanrobin

    Does the 2nd Amendment Make the 1st Amendment Moot?

    Does the right to bear arms (the 2nd Amendment) render the right to assemble (the 1st Amendment) moot? Does having a large assembly of armed people on two different sides of (often volatile) issues, make such a gathering a absurd notion in the 21st century?
  6. Sabcat

    Epic 2nd Amendment speech

    Check this out. https://youtu.be/jTizpN8sMu8
  7. roastpork

    Cubs win 2nd World Series!!!

    Be still my beating heart, could this be possible? Yes it could!!B)
  8. GhostRider

    Alt righter murders black college student and newly commissioned Army 2nd. Lt.

    https://youtu.be/4sapls3wY5I Alt right hate monger murders black student. trump's kind of people, our own home grown terrorists. FBI investigating if it was a hate crime.
  9. imaginethat

    Iran's Rouhani wins 2nd term by a wide margin

    This is significant. It escapes me how some Americans simply cannot understand that every bad-ass move towards Iran strengthens the hands of the hardliners, who get to say, "See? We told you the Americans were motherfuckers." Iran's history goes all the way back to the Persian Empire. Before...
  10. GhostRider

    Herr Trumps 2nd in command won't pardon innocent black man.

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/mikehayes/mike-pence-tells-wrongfully-convicted-man-he-wont-act-on-par?utm_term=.qqPx6YQKEo#.unVeWPlRAM More evidence of the racists right.
  11. Camelot

    Yeah, Only Peaceful People Denied 2nd Amendment Rights

    I bet the Wingnuts are just going to love this. Denying peaceful Americans the right to purchase a gun because they use marijuana to manage pain instead of opioids. Court upholds gun ban on medical marijuana card holders | TheHill
  12. GhostRider

    Obama has 2nd best approval rating of ANY modern President.

    Obama?s Popularity Has Now Hit The Highest Of Any Modern President (STATS) - Daily Politics Info President Obama has a 52% approval rating. Contrasting that with other modern presidents, you have Reagan with 48% approval, George W. Bush with 30%, and Bill Clinton narrowly edging out Barack...
  13. LibertyThunder

    NEW POLL: Johnson in 2nd, Trump in Nose Dive with Voters Under 30

    Poll shows Trump in 4th place with single digit approval - SOURCE
  14. GhostRider

    Mike Pence, the American Hitler's 2nd in command.

    Mike Pence: ?Allowing Rape Victims To Have Abortions Will Lead To Women Trying To Get Raped? - Newslo The party who claims to want less government actually wants more government. If you don't vote Blue, be prepared to be yelling Heil Trump!!!
  15. TNVolunteer73

    Be aware when you hear Cries of Racims, take 2nd look.

    Most certainly when there is no evidence other than the "Sign" "flyers" "Tagging" are found. Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church « CBS Denver
  16. C

    What do you think is the proper role of the 2nd Amendment?

    Personally, I think it should be used by responsible, mature citizens. What about you?
  17. Sabcat

    The real reason for the 2nd amendment

  18. P

    USA now is the 2nd largest Spanish speaking country

    After Mexico, but nevertheless... US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain ? only Mexico has more | US news | The Guardian Not surprising and that is a faken problem... People cared about integrating when I was a kid. Now it's all about separating into ethnic groups...clash that...
  19. Sabcat

    Who cares what the 2nd most read book in the colonies was?

    I figured that this question has been coming up n almost every thread it deserved its own. The only reason that I care is so it just goes awaw:-) Before it was a question being asked over and over again it never even crossed my mind. If it was ever something I learned I forgot it like many...