1. L

    Yelp adds ‘open to all’ feature after gay wedding cake snub

    It's only fair. People should be able to know who will or won't serve them before they go into a business. Let the market decide, right?
  2. Camelot

    Not Enough Workers - DHS Adds 15,000 Visas

    Here is where the rubber meets the road. The Republicans spend billions removing foreign workers just to expand the visa system by 15,000 when employers complain about being denied these workers in the first place. Right wingers are suckers. Republicans are deceivers. Reality is what it is and...
  3. guy39

    U.S. economy adds 313,000 jobs

    More @
  4. Sabcat

    If coffee ads were honest

    This is fantastic
  5. GhostRider

    Trump adds more stink to his swamp.

    Vice Chair of Donald Trump's voter fraud commission has been successfully sued four times for voter suppression | The Independent Soon the foxes will outnumber the chickens in the trump chicken house.
  6. GhostRider

    Trump adds fuel to the golden shower rumors

    Trump offers odd denial of pee-pee-gate: ?I was never even in that room for that period of time? Trumps excuses for why the story / rumor about the golden showers is fake just adds more fuel to the fire. "I wasn't even in that room at that time" says a lot. How does Trump know what room and...
  7. excalibur

    Obama Admin’s Effort to ‘Eliminate Red Tape’ Adds $16 Billion in Costs

    Ah, government. Such a wonder, or should I say blunder? Obama Effort to Eliminate Red Tape Adds $16 Billion in Costs 
  8. skews13

    Sarah Palin Adds I told You So To Foreign Policy Credentials. No Really

    Sarah Palin Adds I Told You So to Foreign Policy Credentials Now that Vladimir Putin has Russian troops invading and occupying Ukrainian territory, Sarah Palin was able to take to Facebook to do what she likes to do best: put the blame on President Barack Obama, who had the temerity to be...