1. RNG

    Russian ads focused overwhelmingly on race

    The biggest thing I get out of this analysis is that especially given how xenophobic the Russians are, these ads were aimed at sowing division and fears and triggering the emotions of the demographic more drawn to the now Republican President rather than overt anti-Hillary, pro-Trump ads...
  2. Sabcat

    If coffee ads were honest

    This is fantastic
  3. TNVolunteer73

    Russian Collusion? 56% of Russian ads AFTER THE ELECTION The Russians ran 100,000 dollars in Ads, HILLARY SPENT ALMOST 1 BILLION Either the Russians didn't want to effect the election, or the Russian cyber division...
  4. tristanrobin

    FINALLY, gay ads have reached the 'it's a joke, folks!' phase!
  5. skews13

    Wonder Who The Slimeballs Are Behind The Pro Gorsuch TV Ads?

    For those who are wondering who's behind those ads we keep seeing on CNN and MSNBC promoting confirmation of Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Justice, the organization paying for them is the secretive JCN (Judicial Crisis Network) formerly the Judicial Confirmation Network. Formed in 2005 by...
  6. RNG

    Republicans Threaten Lawsuits Over TV Ads

    And now, (said in a very deep voice), the rest of the story. Republicans Threaten Lawsuits Over TV Ads Linking Them To Donald Trump This is absolutely Hillaryeous, IMO. Republicans Threaten Lawsuits Over TV Ads Linking Them To Donald Trump | Huffington Post
  7. Sabcat

    Hillary Clinton Buys Weather Channel Campaign Ads During Hurricane Matthew

    Hillary Clinton Buys Weather Channel Ads During Hurricane Matthew
  8. skews13

    John Boehner PAC Launches Attack Ads Against House Conservatives

    The GOP civil war, which burst wide open with last week's Homeland Security funding debacle, has now reached a fever pitch. The American Action Network, a super PAC tied to none other than House Speaker John Boehner, is airing $400,000 worth of television ads, radio spots, and robocalls...
  9. LongWinded

    Frank Luntz Repeatedly Touted Koch Group Ads Without Disclosing His Koch Brothers Bac

    Frank Luntz Repeatedly Touted Koch Group Ads Without Disclosing His Koch Brothers Backing | Blog | Media Matters for America Seems the righ wing pundits are paid as much as the Republicans in Congress and the teabagging governors and state legislatures are by the Koch brothers. How's that...
  10. intangible child

    UNCOVERED: the lost Keystone XL ads

    Wow. Check out this never-before-seen footage from the makers of “the safest pipeline in America.” We can’t believe what we’ve uncovered. The people pushing tar sands on us spend a lot of time and money marketing the Keystone XL pipeline...
  11. S

    Democrats Running Ads Criticizing Obamacare

    Democrats Running Ads Criticizing Obamacare | National Review Online
  12. Engineer

    30 Unbelievably Inappropriate Vintage Ads

    30 Unbelievably Inappropriate Vintage Ads Was torn between racism, sexism, and humor. I'm laughing so hard. The Hardees made me laugh. As did the Jew/Indian. (Partially because I've got both of those in my blood) But yeah, old vintage adds. And Just an FYI, I find these all funny not...
  13. skews13

    Foreign Money Backs GOP Ran Ads

    The Citizens United decision, giving corporations more access to political speech than everyday citizens, has forever changed the nature of political campaigning within the United States forever. As predicted, the decision did not enable freedom of speech for Americans, but instead has now...
  14. MSNBC

    Anonymous donors spent $132M on 2010 campaign ads

    Independent groups that do not disclose the identity of their donors spent $132.5 million to influence elections nationwide this year, accounting for about a third of all spending by outside groups in the 2010 election cycle, a report released Friday found. Source - Click here to...
  15. Dude111

    Computer related ads from the late 70s and early 80s THESE ARE K-RAD!! I saw an ad for TI99/4a (My first computer ever) I didnt know anything about Basic back then,its when i got into using Apples and then my Commodore 64 (Which i love) that i really started to love basic
  16. intangible child

    FDA Warns Drug Firms Over Internet Ads

    WASHINGTON -- The Food and Drug Administration warned 14 major pharmaceutical companies about brief Internet ads that accompany searches on Google and other search engines, saying the ads were misleading because they didn't include risk information. The warnings marked one of the first major...
  17. Tigerwiccan

    Deceptive ads from the backers of Amendment 2 in Florida

    Backers of Amendment 2 have released their first television commercial and they simply do not tell voters the truth about the far-reaching impacts of the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment". Take a look: YouTube - One Thing They have also begun deceptive robocalls to homes and...
  18. mikelew007

    Campaign ads

    Interesting little archive on Presidential campaign ads for 1952-2008. The Living Room Candidate
  19. CNN

    Rove: McCain went 'too far' in ads

    Read full story for latest details. View the full article here.
  20. tristanrobin

    McCain Airs More Dishonest Ads Slamming Obama

    A TV spot claims Obama once voted for a tax increase "on people making just $42,000 a year." That's true for a single taxpayer, who would have seen a tax increase of $15 for the year – if the measure had been enacted. But the ad shows a woman with two children, and as a single mother, she would...