1. RNG

    Advertisers Ditch Sean Hannity ...

    Good for them. Advertisers Ditch Sean Hannity Over His Coverage Of Roy Moore's Alleged Pursuit of Teens
  2. GhostRider

    40 advertisers have left Fox Fake news

    Here Are All The Advertisers Fleeing Bill O'Reilly's Show | The Huffington Post The liar trump's good buddy and fellow sexual harasser bill "the liar" o'reilly has lost Fox Fake News forty of their advertisers and counting.
  3. Mrs. CJ Parker

    Rush Limbaugh vs. Cumulus Media Majority of Major Advertisers Boycotting Rush Limbau

    Rush Limbaugh vs. Cumulus Media | Blog | Media Matters for America This is nothing but GREAT news showing how the republican party is dwindling in the face of it ignorant radicals.
  4. S

    Advertisers Dumping Hate Radio, Not Just Rush

    Looks like there's a mass exodus of advertisers from Premiere Networks' entire portfolio of right-wing hate radio: The most telling point in the article is the observation that Limbaugh's audience is primarily old white guys. That explains a lot about the content of hate radio as well as...