1. handydude

    How To Afford Universal Health Care.

    I have written many speciest (racist) threads. And this one will be no different. Because you have to do what is right. Everything else will naturally grow the right way from those roots. But the question here is how to afford universal health care. Like what every other developed countries...
  2. skews13

    Is It Possible Trump Doesn't Divest Because He Can't Afford To?

    So it may be the Trump decided to do The Apprentice because he had to in order to maintain his cash flow and help burnish the value of his brand. Ever since his New Jersey Casino bankruptcies he hasn’t really built any new properties other than golf courses, instead he’s mostly licensed his...
  3. LongWinded

    Here's what you need to make in every state to afford a 2 bedroom rental

    Here's What You Need to Make Hourly to Afford a 2-Bedroom Rental in Every State | Alternet More than the current minimum wage. And this doesn't include the car you need to get to your job, the utilities, the food, etc.
  4. RNG

    Who should save sight of SC man who can’t afford surgery?

    This is a blog. I assume the facts presented are correct. There is lots wrong here. Plus much to debate. It's a bit of a long read, but brings up a wide variety of points. Read and go. Who should save sight of SC man who can?t afford surgery? | The Charlotte Observer The Charlotte Observer
  5. Medicine Man

    Getting The "Justice" You Can Afford

    Do the folks, in Texas, think this is pretty-damned-funny?? It's a good thing.....
  6. Medicine Man

    Texas; Getting The "Justice" You Can Afford

    "Always worked, for ME!!!"
  7. TNVolunteer73

    President Obama's State department said they could not afford more security for Bengazi EmbassyBut t

    This is how screwed up the "Stupidest Administration in the history of the US" has become and noone calls them on it