1. imaginethat

    Pentagon: 'Supersonic Tic Tac' UFO stalked US aircraft carrier for days

    This 2004 report raises the question: How many of these reports have been withheld from public scrutiny? If true, of course.... B) 'Supersonic Tic Tac' UFO stalked US aircraft carrier for days, Pentagon report reveals | Fox News
  2. imaginethat

    US accuses China of directing blinding lasers at American military aircraft

    Fun and games!!! More:
  3. coke

    North Korea says ready to strike U.S. aircraft carrier

    North Korea says ready to strike U.S. aircraft carrier
  4. pensacola niceman

    North Korea 'launches' surprise attack on aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson

    North Korean state-run media have released a video depicting an attack on a US Navy aircraft carrier in response to joint US/South Korean military drills in past weeks. The film shows images of joint US and South Korean military drills that are conducted annually with the last dual operations...
  5. Sabcat

    F-35 fail: The aircraft could kill its pilots during combat

    F-35 Fail: The Aircraft Could Kill Its Pilots During Combat | The Daily Sheeple
  6. E

    P-51 Mustang operations on aircraft carriers

    I share with you some photos showing P-51 Mustangs on aircraft carriers. There was a naval version of this plane? To see the photos, visit the link below: Aviação em Floripa: Um P-51 Mustang navalizado Eric
  7. RNG

    Canadian Aircraft Carrier

  8. Martin Timothy

    No Enemy Aircraft At Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

    <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote"> Source: US anti aircraft gunners in a MovieTone News clip, that appeared to have been filmed on location at Diamond Head the same day, that was included in the first cut of 911 hit piece Loose Change!!</blockquote>
  9. Martin Timothy

    Home Run: Electronically Hijacking the WTC Attack Aircraft

    "Home Run" Used To Electronically Hijack World Trade Center Aircraft © Joe Vialls October 2001 Brilliant both in concept and operation, "Home Run" [not its real code name] allowed specialist ground controllers to listen in to cockpit conversations on the target aircraft, then take...
  10. T

    Ugliest Aircraft Ever!