1. RNG

    Alabama election results

    Axios seems to be getting the results first of about 45 sources I have checked. And they automatically update the data.
  2. justoneman

    Alabama Election Predictions

    Are they jonesing for Moore or do they want moore Jones? What are your predictions for the election tomorrow in Alabama?
  3. RNG

    Roy Moore is far from dead in Alabama

    I again wonder about the accuracy of the polls showing R. Moore lagging the Democrat candidate in the Senate race. Two man in the street type of interviews show otherwise. Of course in this type of thing were the reporters cherrypicking, but here they are. (Oh Crap, I'm reduced to quoting...
  4. RNG

    Dotard's Alabama buddy does it again

    And on it goes. Roy Moore: Gay marriage ruling ?even worse? than 1857 pro-slavery decision | TheHill
  5. RNG

    Alabama GOP primary

    I don't know how many of you have been following the Alabama GOP primary fight for the Senate. I haven't but I have been following tRump's tweets and he is strongly supporting Luther Strange. In fact, tRump went to Alabama yesterday to a big Strange pep rally. Strange is still behind Roy...
  6. Clara007

    Alabama Just Brought Back School Segregation

    An Alabama federal judge has given a mostly white town the green light to secede from the racially mixed county school district and start its own system — even though "race was the motivating factor" for many supporters of the split. But in her ruling, Judge Madeline Haikala also reserved the...
  7. Sabcat

    Venezuela's currency value depends largely on one guy at an Alabama Home Depot

    Venezuela's currency value depends largely on one guy at an Alabama Home Depot | Public Radio International
  8. skews13

    Alabama Judge Roy Moore Suspended For Rest Of His Term

    Alabama’s Chief Justice Roy Moore is suspended from the bench without pay for the duration of his term, the Court of the Judiciary announced Friday. The decision comes after the Judicial Inquiry Commission accused Moore of directing Alabama’s probate judges to defy the federal courts when it...
  9. tallagator

    Alabama Sheriff's deputies refused service at Taco bell.

    Alabama sheriff?s deputies refused service at Taco Bell - NY Daily News Hmmm, not good. Maybe, next time the cashier needs help they should reply "Sorry, we don't service taco bell'?:-D Guess, Vera Rutherford, Will find a job somewhere else cting like an ASS when cops come in?
  10. skews13

    Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Faces Removal From Office

    And it starts. The cold reality of what the radical right base can expect of a judiciary, coming soon to a neighborhood near them.
  11. K

    Alabama proposes mandatory castration for child sex offenders

    Alabama Lawmaker Proposes Mandatory Castration for Child Sex Offenders | Fox News Insider this is full surgical castration, not chemical and it sounds like a great idea to me! An Alabama lawmaker wants to introduce a new form of punishment in addition to imprisonment for those found...
  12. skews13

    Alabama Blocks Control Of Minimum Wage

    The L.A. Times reported that there are now 17 states that prohibit their own cities from raising a local minimum wage – because if there’s one thing the right believes in as a bedrock principle of their entire ideology, it’s the importance of local control, except when Republicans decide they...
  13. foundit66

    Alabama Chief Justice Issues Order Blocking Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

    The Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court Wednesday morning issued an order to all probate judges to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Judge Roy Moore claims a previous order issued by his court in March remains in effect, and warns those judges that they "have a...
  14. Gordy

    Racist Police In Alabama Planted Drugs And Guns On Over 1,000 Innocent Black Men Thoughts?
  15. Camelot

    Jim Crow Is Alive And Well In Alabama

    Despite the lack of statistical evidence that there was any substantive voter fraud in this country, 37 Republican legislatures simultaneously implemented Voter I.D. laws before the 2012 election. THE NEW GAME PLAN: Close down drivers license bureau's in predominantly black counties. THIS IS JIM...
  16. RNG

    Proof God Exists and He Hates Alabama

    As you can tell from the title, I wasn't sure if this should go in the sports or religion category. But here's your proof, LW.
  17. LongWinded

    Alabama Will Require Schools To Teach Evolution, Climate Change

    Alabama Will Require Schools To Teach Evolution, Climate Change Well. guess these guys are tired of having idiots for constituents in their state. Good for Alabama.
  18. LongWinded

    Planned Parenthood Goes To Court To Fight Funding Cuts In Alabama

    Planned Parenthood Goes To Court To Fight Funding Cuts In Alabama Good for them. It's time to get them on the defensive and show their actions are meant to harm blacks and poor white people, as well as other minorities.
  19. Jimmyb

    Alabama's Method of Circumventing the Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

    The Supreme Court will soon rule on same-sex marriage regarding two question before the court: Does the Constitution require all states to offer marriage licenses to same-sex couples? If not, does the Constitution require states to recognize the marriage rights of same-sex couples who are...
  20. LongWinded

    The Worst Supreme Court for Civil Rights Since 1857: Alabama's First Black Federal Ju

    The Worst Supreme Court for Civil Rights Since 1857: Alabama's First Black Federal Judge Speaks Out Of course the republcian agenda of anti-Black and minority would prevail at the SCOTUS. The republicans have had an agenda to knock down every civil right achievement in this nation.