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    Dangerous alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel

    The US has the most weapons. China has the second most weapons. The little country of Saudi Arabia comes in third as the nation with the most weapons! When Saudi Arabia's oil is exhausted, it will not passively sink back into poverty, but it will use those weapons for economic reasons...
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    Obama's desire to close down GITMO may be about his nefarious alliances.

    Looking past the distraction of releasing terrorists from Guantanamo, there seems to be another reason for Obama wanting to close it down. The Guantanamo Naval Station is an important asset connected to the defense of the United States and helps America keep an eye on the communist...
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    The Chinese President’s Visit to Seoul Says Much About Shifting Alliances

    The two-day trip is the first time a Chinese leader has chosen to visit South Korea before calling on the North RECOMMENDED FOR YOU Kim Jong Un Swears 'Merciless' Retaliation if New Seth Rogen Film Released 'Act of War': North Korea Blasts Rogen Film, Fires Projectiles South Korea - TIME...