1. Sabcat

    New Mexico's Deb Haaland likely to be first Native American congresswoman
  2. F

    Are Citizens Of The World American Citizens?

    Illegal aliens are criminals, but they cannot be impeached. Happily, Obama can still be impeached because he is an American citizen: Here is where it gets tricky: “While three years ago my sister Auma introduced me before I gave a speech, today I’m really coming as a brother, as a...
  3. tristanrobin

    Trump Lying to the American Citizens?!

    Ex-White House stenographer: Trump is ‘lying to the American people’ A White House stenographer says she resigned over the Trump administration's lack of respect for her office after President Trump reduced the roles of the White House position. Beck Dorey-Stein, who worked as a...
  4. J

    Pocan: pull plug on ICE that protects American Citizens from criminal illegal aliens

    See Democrats Have ‘Abolish ICE’ Bill In Hand 7/11/18 ” House Democrats have prepared legislation to terminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). According to the Washington Post, Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Mark Pocan is the author of the “Abolish ICE” bill that would both pull the plug on...
  5. Panther

    True origins of American Teens

    And the Angst adults feel for the political future for the country is revealed in this leaked video: Nope. They're not rebels with a cause, because they're Teenagers from Space.
  6. RNG

    American Muslims have to discover some oil I guess

    After not having one last year, the Republican President held an Iftar dinner. That is the meal after sundown at which Muslims break their fast. Multiple news sources have carried this story. Missing from Trump's White House Iftar dinner this Ramadan? Muslim-American guests | CBC News
  7. skews13

    Security Flaw Found In American Brains

  8. Panther

    Stuff American civil wars are made of

    Obama Alums: Why Not Expel US Diplomats | The Daily Caller
  9. webguy4

    What American Libs Think of Black People

    Patronizing is just the beginning
  10. D

    Do you want african american presidency ??

    No. Or perhaps B.Obama in Communist Party next election secondery is not possible.
  11. imaginethat

    US accuses China of directing blinding lasers at American military aircraft

    Fun and games!!! More:
  12. RNG

    Under Trump, a voice for the American consumer goes silent

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has not taken any action at all since the current Republican President took over. MAGA in action...
  13. imaginethat

    Make American (miners) Gag Again

    Oh yes, the "war on coal" is ending as Coal's war on people is escalating. Who needs any stinking federal regulations?
  14. Panther

    Maker: The American dream isn't totally dead
  15. S

    Another American citizen killed by an Illegal!

    Drunken, twice deported criminal invader kills two American citizens. Think about it, guy gets an uber to obey the law and not drive drunk gets killed by this criminal not only breaking the law being here but driving drunk. There is blood on the hands of liberals. Edwin Jackson, Indianapolis...
  16. imaginethat

    Something that has never happened in American history

    I hope people can see the irony here in light of the memo's release. The failure by Trump to implement sanction passed overwhelmingly by Congress provides corroborating evidence for collusion and Russian influence at the highest levels of our government. What does Putin have on Trump?? The...
  17. tristanrobin

    American democracy is failing. The courts are finally starting to notice.

    American Democracy is Failing. The Courts Are Finally Starting to Notice. here is something profoundly wrong with the United States of America’s system of government. For proof, briefly take stock of the last ten years in American democracy, in which a combination of factors — the...
  18. L

    Shutdown Shumer pulls funding for sick American kids in favor of illegals.

    Shutdown Schumer pulls funding for sick American kids in favor of illegals. Republicans offered to fund CHIP for 6 years. Shutdown Schumer shot it down and pulled funding for poor, sick American kids in order to play politics with DACA. DACA is in place until March, so they have plenty of...
  19. RNG

    How American politics went batshit crazy

    Lots more at:
  20. Sabcat

    Why do American leftists hate American liberties so much?

    Seriously, why do leftists hate liberties? They want to abolish free speech and remove the peoples ability to protect themselves? When i was younger the religious right were the biggest threat, the prominent authoritarians. Wow, how times have changed. These collectivists are terrifying, but...