1. Howey

    Homophobia and Hate Still Alive In Trump's Amerika

    Hate crimes should have a mandatory life sentence.
  2. coke

    This isnt Amerika yet. This shit has to stop

    Cops Seize Man's Property, Freeze Bank Accounts?And He Wishes They Would Charge Him with a Crime - Hit & Run : Wally Kowalski, an engineer living in a farmhouse in rural southwest Michigan, came home one day last September to find his property swarming with cops. They told him that...
  3. intangible child

    Republican Amerika

    Federal workers: 800,000 federal employees could see paychecks jeopardized. Already hit hard by several unpaid furlough days caused by sequestration this year some workers have begun lobbying to receive back pay in the event of a shutdown. While Congress agreed to retroactively pay them during...
  4. intangible child

    Give me more steroids, or I'll kick yer ass, Amerika

    Schwarzenegger signs law to move up primary SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) - Seeking to give Californians a voice in choosing the next U.S. presidential candidates, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law on Thursday a bill to move the presidential primary election in the nation's most...