1. RNG

    A liberal answer to RW talk radio

    I had not heard of this. Apparently it is relatively new, started with the run-up to the last election and is growing rapidly. A left leaning podcast series...
  2. Fargo

    Comey refuses to answer bi-partisan questions

    Oh yeah, what a guy, now claiming he's a private citizen and doesn't have to answer. Sorry pal, but you wrote those memos while at the FBI, they aren't your property. But it further shows who he is. This guy should never have been Director FBI. Former FBI Director James Comey refuses to...
  3. dusty

    Can you answer this?

    first in order for us humans he and she to be here there had to be a beginning. a first mother and father. unless us humans allways was and is. no begining you explain this with science. you can say you can but you forget the item science is after the fact. but was allways there. we just...
  4. intangible child

    War is not the answer!
  5. dusty

    questions for atheists

    without time nothing would exist my question is. what is time how is there time was there no time befor time. if no then we are forced to say time allways was and had no beginning but is that saying it has no end. is it science?. steven Hawkins says if the newly found god particle is...
  6. skews13

    Trump Refuses to Answer Whether Or Not If He Had Contact With Russia During Campaign

    Donald Trump was asked point blank if he had any contact with Russia during the campaign, and the president-elect refused to answer the question. Video: Transcript: QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. President-elect, can you stand here today, once and for all and say that...
  7. Pence

    Our answer back to Islam Nobody of moslems mess with western world. Moslems are manny of against USA and Nazism and the EU. USA take Iraq in war 2003. :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  8. J

    We are told that Donald Trump is not the answer

    We are told by some that Donald Trump is not the answer to our nation’s problems. But, is it not a fact that these problems are suicidal in nature, like the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration's open border agenda and flooding our nation with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of...
  9. excalibur

    Tim Kaine owes Virginians an answer

    The Democrats VPOTUS nominee. Kerry Dougherty: Tim Kaine owes Virginians an answer | Kerry Dougherty | 
  10. Q

    Obama SPINS Question He Does NOT Want To Answer About Hillary’s Guilt- Gets Humiliate

    Obama SPINS Question He Does NOT Want To Answer About Hillary?s Guilt- Gets Humiliated? | John Hawkins' Right Wing News But BHO can take the time to criticize Mr Trump and America's election process while in Asia but won't take a question about Crooked Hippo Hillary. He thinks he's a king but...
  11. Lyzza

    In the lion's den: The Indian women who answer cat calls

    This is kinda about the environment, more the ecosystem in India. These brave women rock, seriously tough as nails. They rescue lions and other dangerous big cats in the Gir forest in India. What a kickass grrl power story!!! In the lion's den: The Indian women who answer cat calls - BBC News
  12. Nwolfe35

    How would you answer this question?

    Ben Carson was on Meet the Press and was asked a question that had been submitted by a Facebook user. "Does the Bible have authority over the Constitution?" Carson started tap dancing, "That's not a simple question?" HUH? How is that NOT a "simple question", the answer is either YES...
  13. dusty

    Can anyone answer this question?

    durin the war on terror after 9/11 where did the terrorist get what they needed to continue the war for 7 years now its the isis where do you think they will get what they need to pull wings off flies. my question is why isent the source of suplys blocked so they cant get ammo-food-what...
  14. LongWinded

    3 Questions The Duggars Don’t Want To Answer

    3 Questions The Duggars Don't Want To Answer | ThinkProgress This interview is going to be a white wash and nothing more than "Praise the NIV god of the rich and pass the plate." bullshyte. NOT dealing with the issues is what the public will decide to let the network and any advertisers...
  15. S

    NOBODY talks about the REAL answer

    which is paying (as yet) childless young women (world wide, a billion of them or more) 5k each to get sterilized. Stopping population growth reduces nearly every problem that humans have. All it takes is a couple of injections into her fallopian tubes. no scars, she's only out of service for 2...
  16. roastpork

    Answer these questions?

    Why won't the President of the United States of America answer these questions? Just ask yourself why?:mellow: Subject: Press Conference, You might want to ask yourself why the American people don't know the answers to these questions and that you are likely to never know them ...
  17. JamesMillman

    Is Democracy the Answer?

    Sergio Leonard of Beards of Fury writes… Do you believe in freedom? Do you believe in liberty? Do you believe those are American principles? Do you believe the founding fathers wanted freedom? I believe you do believe in freedom and liberty and that's what America oozes and that's what the...
  18. TNVolunteer73

    Obama's answer for declining america

    I will give another speech... and do nothing.
  19. TNVolunteer73

    A word for those that think Government (Single payer) healthcare is the answer

    Deadly Wait at V.A. Hospitals ? Anderson Cooper 360 - Blogs People dieing because US GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE has denied or delayed care. While Administrators have gotten promotions and BOUNUSES out the wazoo.
  20. Franklin

    Politics Is Pointless, Religion Is the Answer

    Society decays in this sequence: 1. moral decay 2. political decay 3. economic decay 4. military decay Rome decayed in this sequence, and America will too. America is currently between steps 2 and 3. Morality is the driver of society. Everything else is a result, and therefore a...