1. Sabcat

    Antifa and patriot prayer. Live.

    Tim pool is live streaming at the Portland event. Link
  2. Sabcat

    Antifa in Portland June 30th

    Must see tv
  3. Octoldit

    Antifa And Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

    Ukrainian ultra-nationalists from the anti-Semitic Azov battalion wave flags in Kiev, Ukraine during march (Oct. 2014) “I knew some anarchists resisting in the Black Bloc, who never seem to set foot on any black blocks.” – hip hop artist Son of Nun in his song, “Southpaw”. I actually know...
  4. Camelot

    Wingnuts Successfully Repel Antifa Civil War

    Today we owe the right wing a debt of gratitude. Alex Jones warned us and we laughed. The Russian bots warned us and we laughed. Even our resident anarchist, Sabcat, warned us and again we ignorantly laughed. Yet, these right wing heroes with their guts, guile, courage, tin foil hats and guns...
  5. tristanrobin

    'Antifa Supersoldiers' Are Coming to Kill White People Within Days: Right Wing Conspi

    'Antifa Supersoldiers' Are Coming to Kill White People Within Days: Right Wing Conspiracy Well, it’s come to this: The far-right obsession with antifa has been overblown into a fake news story that now rivals the most over-the-top Michael Bay movie. Allow Newsweek to introduce you to the...
  6. Gordy

    nazis vs antifa

  7. guy39

    George Soros funding terrorist group ANTIFA Brings facts about Soros and his funding to terrorist communist groups working under the direction of the Democrat party. More with Soros A interview with him talking about going out and confiscating...
  8. Sabcat

    Antifa road protest

    This is what happens when you tell an entire generation that they are special, give trophies to loosers and cover them in hand sanitizer. They through a temper tantrum for a year. Then there are the people over 25 that support this behavior, Jesus.
  9. Sabcat

    Saturday, 30 September 2017 Antifa Planning Communist Revolution for America on Novem
  10. Sabcat

    Free Firearms training for Antifa

    Some rumors have been going around about a nov. 4th revolt (get ready cam your time to shine) well this guy is nice enough to open up is facility to antifa members for two days of free firearms training. What a guy. Check it out. Its only a few min. Long
  11. Sabcat

    Undercover antifa

    This is great. Steven Crowder sends his producer into Antifa
  12. T

    Antifa classified as a terrorist group

    Back in 2016 it seems. Yet we heard nothing from Obama about that. And we have posters here that have supported antifa, so they support terrorists. Are the Antifa Terrorists? Feds Have Reportedly Classified Their Activities as ?Domestic Terrorist Violence?
  13. T

    Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group

    Public schools, and the teachers unions, are the enemy of the nation. Public School Teachers Lead Antifa Group | The Daily Caller
  14. Sabcat

    Berkeley Mayor Thinks Antifa Should Be Designated As A Gang
  15. Sabcat

    MSNBC on Antifa

    Hey Cam have you got your marching orders from the hive yet? If not here ya go.
  16. Quigley

    Pelosi condemns 'antifa' after Berkeley clashes

    'antifa' protesters who clashed with President Trump supporters in Berkeley, Calif. Sunday. "Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts," Pelosi said in a statement. "The violent actions of people calling...
  17. Sabcat

    More on Antifa assaulting people.

    An examination of the antifa love fest. Just for you camel rider
  18. Sabcat

    Antifa Berkeley 8/27/17

    Here are some highlights of antifa spreading love yesterday. See if you can pick out camel rider, he woukd be the tough guy w/ the mask on.
  19. skews13

    Man Who Antifa Stabbing Over White Nationalist Haircut Admits He Made Up Attack

    Man Claims Antifa Stabbing Over White Nationalist Haircut Admits He Made Up Attack Joshua Witt, who confessed to lying about being stabbed by Antifa activists (Photo via Sheridan Police). A man who claimed that he was stabbed by an Antifa activist earlier this month has confessed to...
  20. S

    An explanation of Antifa

    OPINION | The real threat to our republic is the Orwellian Antifa | TheHill Over the past few months, we have finally entered the fully realized historical revisionism promised in George Orwell’s “1984,” in which the motto, “Who controls the present controls the past. Who controls the past...