1. TNVolunteer73

    President Trump commutes sentence of April Marie Johnson

    She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for a non violent drug crime.
  2. guy39

    Federal Budget Surplus for April Largest on Record

    read more @ https://www.wsj.com/articles/treasury-federal-budget-surplus-for-april-largest-on-record-driven-by-tax-deposits-1525976157
  3. Neil

    Second Amendment Rights Rallies Scheduled Across US on April 14th

    Second Amendment Rights Rallies Scheduled Across US on April 14th https://www.concealedcarry.com/national/second-amendment-rights-rallies-scheduled-across-us-on-april-14th/
  4. reedak

    North Korea fired unidentified projectile on 5 April

    In an act of defiance, North Korea fired an unidentified projectile into the Sea of Japan from its eastern port of Sinpo on April 5, one day before the Xi-Trump meeting, treating the US and China (its supposed protector and benefactor) as paper tigers. North Korea fires missile into Sea of...
  5. Q

    EXCLUSIVE: April Sets FY2016 Alien Apprehension Record, Surges Past FY2014 Numbers

    I never had a doubt that the evil creature known as "obama" hates America and will continue to do everything in it's power to destroy America. Obama is guilty of multiple counts of treason, and I'm angry as hell that NONE of our worthless elected criminals have stood up to do their jobs and...
  6. Sabcat

    For Keynesians, April 15 Is "Stimulus Day"

    April 15 is here and we are required to do the following: tell the government our income and send much of it to Washington. Austrian-school economists are likely to tell you this is a bad thing and that taxes and government spending lower our living standards. In other words, the more...
  7. LongWinded

    Young Black Man Jailed Since April For Alleged $5 Theft Found Dead In Cell

    Young Black Man Jailed Since April For Alleged $5 Theft Found Dead In Cell | Alternet This needs further investigation, imho. And heads need to roll on this one. A death for a death; right right wingers?
  8. excalibur

    Friday April 3, 33 AD

    An interesting read this Good Friday April 3, 2015. Friday 3 April AD 33 ? Lunar and Solar Eclipses as Christ died on the Cross | Fr. Z's Blog 
  9. gryphus

    Thoughts on Hillary Clinton starting her campaign in April?

    Rumor is Hillary Clinton's team has informed donors she'll start running in April, in order to get enough money for her campaign. Thoughts? Do you think it is better for her to start earlier? Does it matter, won't the Clinton dynasty inherit the presidential seat regardless of when she...
  10. webguy4

    who is april sands?

    who is april sands and why are her e-mails missing?
  11. skews13

    288,000 Jobs Added In June. April, May's Numbers Revised Up

    Thanks, Obama! Unemployment Rate Drops To Lowest Level Since September 2008 The Bureau of Labor Statistics released June’s jobs report on Thursday. The report was released a day earlier than normal due to Friday being a national holiday. The BLS showed that the economy added 288,000...
  12. roastpork

    Government's April Income.

    How much and where it went.:mellow: Federal Revenue Set All-Time Record in April The federal government collected $414.23 billion in revenue in April, the largest total ever for a single month, and also set a record for the most revenue collected in the first seven months of a fiscal year...
  13. skews13

    Despite GOP, 165K Jobs Added In April, Unemployment At 4Year Low

    Despite GOP, 165k Jobs Created in April and Unemployment at 4-Year Low Despite draconian Republican efforts to tank the economy and impose austerity on the people for the benefit of the top 2%, April was a banner month. 165,000 jobs were created according to the Labor Department, and...
  14. imaginethat

    April the deadliest month in Iraq in 5 years

    Lately, some DTT posters have been comparing Iraq 2013 to the early history of out Republic. Mostly, the people doing this are Bush apologists, not all, but most, still trying to justify a war that can't be justified. Imagine 712 US citizens being killed AND 1,633 more sustaining injuries at...
  15. garysher

    Gallup Poll: Romney, Obama Statistically Tied April 16

    A new Gallup poll finds Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama statistically tied among registered voters heading into November's general election. According to Gallup, 47 percent of voters polled are backing Romney, compared to 45 percent who prefer Obama. That's well within the poll's...
  16. Ray Kaye

    State Of Equality Round-Up: April 25-29, 2011

    Minnesota Tuesday: Senate Introduces Marriage Ban Amendment. On Tuesday, Republican state senators introduced a constitutional amendment that would allow voters to decide to ban same-sex marriage in the 2012 elections. Minnesota already prohibits marriages between same-sex couples. Nevada...
  17. waitingtables

    Virginia Governor declares April is Confederate History month

    Governor Robert F. McDonnell: Our Commonwealth Confederate History Month WHEREAS, April is the month in which the people of Virginia joined the Confederate States of America in a four year war between the states for independence that concluded at Appomattox Courthouse; and...
  18. Martin Timothy

    CIA False Flag Attack on Kuwaiti Shopping Mall - by Joe Vialls, 1 April 2003

    http://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv..../msg105852.html Well, almost routine. As the aircraft passed abeam the Aswan Dam in Egypt, its bombardier threw a series of switches and checked a handful of status lights, then launched CALCM [Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missile] serial...
  19. Martin Timothy

    Moon occult Venus 19 April 1993: The astrology of the Waco fire!

    On April 19th 1993 the Moon was going to occult Venus… from the perspective at Waco the Moon would move in front of Venus for about an hour, from a little before 12:08 on the East Coast, 11:08 am local time. We construct a horoscope for 16:08 UT the commencement of the occultation on 19 April...