1. Clicker II

    That nasty buggaboo bites the loon in the ass.

    I don't think the loons really care about recidivism. That number is a bit low, I expect it to runs alot higher.
  2. RNG

    The Republican President kisses Putin's ass again
  3. GhostRider

    Karma kicks Trumpansy's ass

    Guy wearing Trump hat sues bar for refusing to serve him | New York Post If the right can refuse to serve gays or refuse to furnish insurance on moral grounds it should be ok to refuse service to idiots based on moral grounds.
  4. GhostRider

    Punk Trump lawyer lies his ass off

    ABC Host Shuts Down Trump Aide On Voter Fraud: "You Have Provided Zero Evidence. Thanks For Joining Us." - The New Civil Rights Movement trump lawyer kept lying about voter fraud but could not back up his lies. Saying "everyone knows" is not proof.
  5. GhostRider

    Bad ass bikers get asses handed to them by pussies Bikers put in their place by a bunch of liberal actual pussies! Does anyone know the numbers of bikers that actually showed up? Apparently not the thousands that they and fuhrer trump said would be there. Too funny✊
  6. GhostRider

    Say good bye to lard ass Christie

    Chris Christie Facing 10 Years In Prison As Summons Issued For Misconduct In Office Prison will serve this fat ass well, hopefully he will share a cell with Trump and Arpio.
  7. GhostRider

    VP Biden kicks Trumps fat ass Joe "middle class" Biden tells it like it is.
  8. tallagator

    We all know Hillary talks out her ass.

    clinton farts - Bing video
  9. R

    Trump kicks Hillary's ass in the media

    Try to follow this one. It's a little complicated. In the battle against 'sleazy' media, why Trump keeps lapping Hillary | Fox News In the battle against 'sleazy' media, why Trump keeps lapping Hillary This goes right back to what AMERICA'S ANCHORMAN has been saying for years...
  10. coke

    Brady Campaign dumbass ad

    This has to be the dumbest gun-control add I have ever in my life seen. Either the NRA has infiltrated the Brady Campaign HQ. Or, Brady Campaign employees live in a nice un-touched gated suburbia with no clue of reality. I mean for fucks sake this is dumb as shit
  11. coke

    Talking out your ass!

    So, CNN ran some story from a Wes Siler. This bozo decided to go after Ted Cruz because he said Ted was improperly holding his firearm during a pheasant hunt. What it becomes is a classic example of leftardism and firearms. Leftards love to decide safe gun control measures, especially when they...
  12. skews13

    Gotcha Questions My Ass

    Later, Quintanilla asked Rubio about his finances, from “a lack of bookkeeping skills” to concerns over his use of campaign and Florida Republican Party cash. Rubio’s response? “You just listed a litany of discredited attacks from Democrats and my political opponents, and I’m not gonna waste 60...
  13. LongWinded

    'You're My Favorite Victim' Woman Reports Rape to NYPD, Cops Show Up and Sexually Ass

    'You're My Favorite Victim' Woman Reports Rape to NYPD, Cops Show Up and Sexually Assault Her | Alternet What a crock. Wonder if these men believe women are nothing more than breeder cows, too?
  14. roastpork

    Will Benghazi bite her on the ass.

    Could these e-mails show Hillarie's weakness in foreign affairs and preclude her election a the first female POTUS? Emails Show Clinton's Aides Ran Interference During Benghazi
  15. intangible child

    Fight Over Woman Ends in Death After Man Shoves a Foot Up His Friend's Ass

    A Russian man was arrested late last month and charged with homicide after killing his friend by shoving a foot up his ass. Literally. According to local reports, Vladimir Krasnov, 28, of Nizhny Novgorod had decided to make good on the oft-heard threat following a drunken fight with his...
  16. Raconteur

    How not to get your ass kicked by the police!

    This might be funny, but it's also very good advice.
  17. A

    Lol! Far Left White Boy Gets Ass Beat & Phone Jacked In Ferguson-calls own mom racist

    WHITE BOY Gets Robbed & Bones Broke in #Ferguson for Being White ? Promises to Return | The Gateway Pundit I think I found skewed's real identity! Lol! WHITE BOY Gets Robbed & Bones Broke in #Ferguson for Being White – Promises to Return Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, August 21, 2014...
  18. Nwolfe35

    Lets Kiss Hank's Ass
  19. Camelot

    Republicans Care About Benghazi My Ass

    The words of this Foreign Services Officer (FSO) sums up Republican duplicity with regards to Benghazi quite nicely.
  20. imaginethat

    Religion of peace, my ass....

    The Christian religion, probably Catholicism, to be clear.... Brazil police detain 1, search for 2 suspects in beheading of soccer referee | Fox News