1. foundit66

    Brock Turner Loses Appeal to Overturn Sexual Assault Conviction Poor little rapist didn't get his conviction overturned...
  2. tristanrobin

    Project Blitz: The legislative assault by Christian nationalists to reshape America

    Project Blitz: The Legislative Assault by Christian Nationalists to Reshape America Since Donald Trump became president, rightwing groups are helping flood state legislatures with bills that promote hardline Christian conservative views In Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and...
  3. RNG

    The twitter propaganda assault

    Over the past few days I have noticed more and more tweets apparently from reporters that are very complimentary to the Republican President, critical of the DOJ and absolutely scathing to Mueller. Starting yesterday (only because I hadn't bothered looking) I am noticing that these tweets...
  4. J

    An assault weapon is the weapon of choice for all mass murderers.

    Usually because the people who own them ,own them to show the size of their rocks. It's a macho thing. And this drives mass murderers just like the rest of the people who buy them. When people decide to kill many in a mass murder, they go directly to the assault weapon. they don't usually have...
  5. B

    Breaking: Sexual assault claims revealed against one of Trump’s biggest foes

    At least he is prosecuting what he understands :lol:
  6. J

    Ban Assault weapons.

    The court could decide that issue in a minute, If they see having guns in every hand of every person in this country as a negative , they can ban anything they think is right. The courts could redefine any amendment in the constitution. These gun Bubbas think that they get to define what the...
  7. Camelot

    Federal Judge Upholds Mass. Assault Weapon Ban

    To all you right wingers that think that you are constitutional scholars, consider yourself schooled by the Cam man.........:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. guy39

    Why an assault weapons ban can’t address America’s gun problem
  9. Sabcat

    ‘Victim Feminism’ and Sexual Assault on Campus
  10. Lyzza

    4 Ways To Support People Who Are Survivors Of Sexual Assault

    Another great article from Everyday Feminism, and one that brings together the real issue me and Mathfan tried talking about.
  11. Camelot

    Dick’s Will No Longer Sell Assault Rifles

    Good for Dick’s Sporting Goods. They will no longer sell assault rifles and large capacity magazines. These are the common sense measures I have been calling for all along. Let the wingnut whining begin........LOL
  12. Nwolfe35

    Trump accused (and admits to) sexual assault

    LG started a thread about Hillary Clinton protected one of her staffers from sexual harassment charges. When it was pointed out that LG was one the more rabid supporters of Herr Dumpster this was his response Ok LG lets hear your defense of His Vileness and no mentioning of Clinton or Obama...
  13. imaginethat

    Perry: Fossil fuels help prevent sexual assault in Africa

    From Rick Perry, the secretary of ...... uh ....... energy, I think. Perry: Fossil fuels help prevent sexual assault in Africa Energy Secretary Rick Perry suggested on Thursday that increasing fossil fuel use to spread electricity across Africa would help prevent sexual assaults there...
  14. T

    Obama's Secret Struggle to Punish Russia for Putin's Election Assault

    Eaarly last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides. Inside was an intelligence...
  15. Sabcat

    SJWs assault Lauren Southern during Canadian Free Speach Demonstration

    Here is another example of the SJWs using violence and dishonesty to disrupt a peaceful demonstration. This is an ongoing issue yet for some reason we are to believe that it is everyone else that are becoming more violent by the hour. This is simply untrue. It is the progressives who are using...
  16. imaginethat

    FBI alert sparks fears that state voting systems are under digital assault

    Looks like those Second Amendment people might have to save the day after all.... More: FBI alert sparks fears that state voting systems are under digital assault - POLITICO
  17. excalibur

    Explosive new twist in Idaho sex assault case

    More threats by an Obama appointee against free speech, much as Lynch did a while back. Explosive new twist in Idaho sex assault case 
  18. tristanrobin

    Supreme Court rejects challenge to state assault weapon bans
  19. P

    Lberal progressive assault on free speech!

    Professor Claims ?Neo-Nazi? Ben Shapiro?s Campus Lecture Left Students ?Brutalized? | Video | Professor Claims ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ben Shapiro’s Campus Lecture Left Students ‘Brutalized’ May. 26, 2016 7:03pm Tré Goins-Phillips 1K Shares Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro held a...
  20. K

    Bill Cosby finally formally charged with 2004 sexual assault

    Bill Cosby Criminally Charged in 2004 Sex-Assault Case, Freed on $1M Bail - NBC News bout time that old bastard had to pay for his crimes! Embattled comedian Bill Cosby was free on bail Wednesday on a felony sexual assault charge — facing the first criminal charge against him after a...