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    Change in attitudes of G-7 countries towards the US

    Here is a neat build your own chart from Pew. Lots of countries are listed but I just looked at the G-7 minus one plus Russia. In each of the countries the approval rating of the US has dropped since the election of the Republican President except Russia. How global views of US and its...
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    Scientist Attitudes vs the Public

    I guess I'm not surprised. Nice to see the numbers though. This is a HuffPo extract of some of the data in the poll. For the full poll, the original source is Public and Scientists? Views on Science and Society | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
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    Funny How Attitudes Change

    I was listening to a sports talk show host yesterday and he made an interesting point which stuck with me. Somehow he got onto NY Mayor Bloomberg’s decree about banning large sodas in the city. In short, he said “I support Mayor Bloomberg’s mandate not because I believe in a big, heavy...